View Full Version : Help please possible spoilers!!!!

07-25-2003, 04:20 AM
Ok in manaan im at the part were you try to prove sunry innocent of murder he is one of jolee's friends and im wondering if this has any relivence of finding the star forge on manaan and how do i get sunry out of pbeing prosecuted???? :confused:

Boba Rhett
07-25-2003, 04:56 AM
It's just a side quest. Doesn't have anything to do with the Forge.

You don't gain a dark force point for winning the case even though you know he did it. But it will strongly help your case to go to the Hotel and find out some facts by interviewing the 2 witnesses beforehand and getting a few pieces of extra information out of them that will help prove innocence. The Hotel is on the North side of East Central across from the Republic Enclave. It's on the map as "Visitor's Hotel".

mentioning anything about Sunry's injury doesn't really help. The judges will say that they believe that he still could have done it anyway.