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Lost Welshman
07-25-2003, 04:02 PM
Hello All, I've been gone for a while, two days actually.

I have GTA Vice City so you can't blame me.

I was going to post and have a shout about how good it is but I though, nah!

Still, I felt I should do something Vice City oriented, so I decided to do this little story thing.


Just two days….. The longest two days of my life. I sometimes think they lied. The sun had set hundreds of times, but according to everyone and everything I’d be gone for two days. Well now I’m back and have some very interesting stories to tell my grandchildren… I don’t have any, so I guess I’ll have to tell you.
It was Wednesday, and my flight had arrived at Escobar International Airport. I got off my rowing boat and marched to the airport, and swore at the pilot for leaving without me. At least I had arrived on time. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing in this city, everything seemed like graphics in a computer game. I even stopped for areas to load at times. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing in the city, until I found a large mansion. I then had an urge to steal something from the rich person who owned the house. So I crept up to the garage. Three guards stood outside talking about a movie they had recently seen.
‘I thought it was a lot better than the first. The plot twists blew me away’ the smallest guard said enthusiastically as if he was high on attention.
‘It doesn’t take much to blow you away you unstable geek!’
‘Hey leave him alone, you know his brain ain’t right after that massacre in the Malibu club’ The larger guard pushed the other one away in defense of the little guy, I slipped into the garage.
‘And it ain’t my fault he’s a pathetic guard and lets any psycho in, I can’t believe they let him keep his job. If I was working at the Mali…’ The larger guard smashed his huge fist into the side of his head, and the two began to fight. Luckily there were keys on the I was holding myself against. I raised my hand and took a key from the wall behind me and looked at the key ring. The word ‘Stretch’ was engraved into the metal key ring. I looked at the selection of cars, and something stood out. A gleaming white stretched limo. I opened the door, started the engine and was away.
‘Hey!’ The large guard shouted as he stopped pummeling the other guard.
‘He’s getting away!’ The little one shouted just before fainting.

I was on the road in a brand new car, only problem was it was easy to see. And the person who I stole it off had contacts. I had a bounty on my head, and there was only one way out. RUN! I drove off the small island with the mansion and onto a long road. I accelerated away from the gang members on the little scooters and turned to laugh. There was a large crashing sound, along with my head smashing into the steering wheel. I woke up a few seconds later to a steaming mess. I climbed out of the car as the dizziness faded. I had hit a policeman, and a concrete lamppost. I picked up the officers gun as I heard the pathetic scooter engines whizzing around the corner. I started to shoot the men, I didn’t know I could even hold a gun the right way around, then thinking about it I realized I didn’t know I could drive. I was still a bit concussed and saw green blobs everywhere. But it soon faded as I ran for my life down the road. There was a fat biker leaning against a wall, he was bound to have the keys for the bike next to him. I beat him up a little and took the keys. The engine roared as the key turned. I suddenly felt cool, it was a strange sensation. It soon passed as the scooters neared. I sped off leaving them coughing in dust. I drove for a while, and started to notice. When I’m on the road, nothing can stop me, I can go as fast as I want, wherever I want, I’m invincib… I was hit by a turning bus. As I stood up next to the bike, something started to ring. I instinctively pulled out a large block from my pocket, it was a phone. I must have gone back in time about 20 years. I answered it,
‘Mr. Morris?’, the voice seemed evil, and angry.
‘You won’t get away with the damage you’ve done. You’ll be out of this city in no time!’
‘Fine, if that’s what you want I’ll have to make some changes. You can’t just disrespect me and my men and expect to walk away. Watch your back Mr. Morris. You’re not leaving Vice City.’
Then came the haunting beep as the connection was ended. I wondered who I had got myself involved with. Something inside me told me to try and find out. I needed to find higher ground if I was going to find anyone suspicious trying to get me. I picked up my bike and rode.

I rode into the night, and then into a building. An office building, I figured if I needed to be high using a skyscrapers elevator would help. I got off as soon as I heard the cables snapping. The doors closed behind me and then there was the sound of a large hunk of metal falling down a shaft. Followed by a very distant crash. I revved the engine as stared at the large glass pane in front of me. There was a business man looking out at the city, completely oblivious that there was a motorbike in his office, and everyone had ran away screaming. I put the bike into gear and the rear wheel span, I accelerated and lifted by feet onto the foot rests. I swerved to avoid the man but he jumped in the way, and was knocked out of the window. It seriously damaged the chances of me making it to the other building. I fell far below my target, but luckily there was a hole carefully constructed to make the building look cool, I landed there. I tried to gain speed to make another jump, but the tie that was flailing in the front wheel got caught on my foot and I was pulled off the bike at the edge of the building. Both me and the bike fell onto the building below. I crashed into the floor, and dived out of the way as the bike came crashing afterwards. I rolled onto the road off the pavement. I stood up, and quickly clothes-lined a man off his bike. I got on and drove off. I realized. If I was going to get to higher ground, I was going to need a faster bike. So I set off in search for one.

Well, that’s the end of Episode 1.

Feel free to post your own crap like that. Although I doubt anyone gets as bored as me so I don't expect much :D

At least tell me if it's worth making more.

07-25-2003, 04:45 PM
Heh thats cool. I don't play vice city much but that is a cool story.. Can't wait for episode two. :p

07-25-2003, 05:01 PM
Nice. :D

I wish my mom would let me get Vice City. :xp: