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07-26-2003, 09:55 AM
Thanks in advance

1. What is the serum/anti-serum combination for the Mandalorian prisoner being held in Sith Academy. It's just opposite the Dueling Room there. I want to impress the bastard-Uthar (Light Side only!), that's why I can't kill Loshowe and I suppose this might be the last aprt of the Puzzle. I did all the rest on Karriban, I guess.

2. What to do with Sasha? I was on Dantooine, thought maybe she's Jon's daughter, but no. And no, I will not throw her away.

07-26-2003, 03:16 PM
I *think* the combination for the Mandalorian is one stong dose of serum, one small dose of antiserum, and another strong dose of serum.

Sasha... That the stowaway? I can't remember... :confused: