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07-30-2003, 09:18 PM
...decided to search a little more the base of the tree. Indy amazed knocked on the tree and undestood it was hollow from the inside. So he continued knocking it until a *click* was heard. Indy show amazed a small door opening. Without much thought he sticked his head inside the new opened hole, everything dark inside. The hole wasn't big enought to get inside walking. He had to pull his body stretching and scratching his body to the edges of the wood.
When he finally got inside after 15 minutes he stepped towards the darkness and a second *click* was heard...the small door closed instantly and Indy was left in a pitch black darkness. He could only here his breath. So as he had nothing else to do, he took out his cigarette lighter and turned it on.

08-02-2003, 12:39 PM
As he looked around in the tree he saw a small circular design protruding out of the wood curious about his discovery he rubbed the design and as he did so the design sank into the tree. Indy felt a strange rumbling as he realized that he was going up. Higher and Higher he went as the small capsule rose. Finally it stopped and she small door once again clicked open.

Indy looked outsideand saw he was above the clouds higher than any of his expditions had ever taken him. A little nervous he decided to get out of the cramped tree capsule. As he lok below him he discovered he was being supported by a small bamboo platform which apon further observation was the begining of hundreds of bridges and as he looked beyond them he discovered that they ended on dmall little bamboo houses, all but one as he looked beyond one bridge he discovered a HUGE bamboo sanctuary.

p.s.Kingpin nice picture[i luv family guy]