View Full Version : Beware the Carth glitch! (spoiler)

07-29-2003, 01:38 AM
After I escaped from the Leviathan and faught off the sith fighters I was taken to a cut scene on the Ebon Hawk. Carth said a few lines of dialogue and then nothing happened. The game just sat there with Carth fluttering away.

I found out that durring the Leviathan level, if you use Mission to free the others her stealth level gets so high that it will cause Carth's awareness level not to recognize her.

Recomendations to avoid this problem are:

1) do not use Mission on the Leviathan level. Using another character will not cause this problem.

2)Use Missions cloaking abilites sparingly. Do not use it while you are opening locks and the like.

3)Raise Carth's awareness as high as you possibly can before the Leviathan level.

If you are already stuck in this situation you will have to go back to your last save before the Leviathan and start again.

Something that worked for me was starting another game. I played about halfway through Taris and for the hell of it started playing the the saved game that I was having the problem with. And to my supprise the glitch did not happen.

Just thought this might be helpfull if anyone comes across the same problem.

07-29-2003, 06:34 AM
Yea this happened to me as well. How annoying it is. I'm going to try to start a new game and see what happens...

Even if I didn't use Mission to break them out, would her awareness level still be high enough once the Leviathan mission is over?