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07-31-2003, 01:57 AM
I bought an X-box just for this game and boy it delivered.
I was sick so i got to play it day and night.
First thing i noticed was player selection i picked soldier the first time around gave him stealth, security, power blast and power strike were skills. Of course the name was Naphtali.

First time i played as lightside it went with my personality I was able to do much on Taris the first time my crowning accomplishment was killing bendek starkiller i feel. However after 10 or so hours it was off to dantoine. It was never cleared if wether taris city was just bombarded into tge ground or the planet itself was severly damaged.
I knew what was coming on Dantoine becoming a jedi.
I accomplished all task and found the cave with the crystals to make my saber stronger. Enough of that. We can all theink of thos moments.
Thje strory took a turn when i went to the sith acadamy as i chose thatr as my first planet, i help Yuthura take the acadamey by weakening him for the final test, then sparing her.
The story took the greatest turn tyhat i did not see coming when i found out who i was *SPOILER*
IM darth Reven, it was unbelieveable, Lucasarts and Bioware really put an incredible storyline together it all made sense up to that point too. From that point on and Bastila's capture i knew I now wanted to know the explanation of the star forge, an AI that read brain waves and patterns to from its own personality in a sense. Cruelty, anger and hatred absorbed from the builders minds or essence, it all made perfect sense. I managed to save Bastila from the darkside by convinceing her i loved her and of course i defeated malak, by fiorguring out you have to have a lot of spikes to deactivate the infinite number of the star forge droids.

The ending was great. the second time i knew more tricks i picked a scout and gave him great persausiveness. This time i accomplished nearly eveerything going in a different order. From finding the Raghoul serum, to being tricked into eliminating a secret bounty hunter organiztion the geoharden, to winning all the swoop circuits.
However this game i played on the dralside, i the party reacted as such to me, Carth"I've seen your cruelty, Ive seen your darkisde".
And i was I decided to turn on Gaddon Deck go into his base and destroy him, i did some terrible things. It was reflected in my image my face looked terrible.
However it was hard to walk the darkside totally it just asked too much at times. However in the end i joined with Bastila destroyed Jolee and Juhani. I also accessed the DARTH REVEN ARMOR which is the best armor in the game to me. Altough the Mandalorians armor u get looks the coolest.
Destroying on the darkside was different, hearing him say "you deserve to be the darklord" was pretty amusing. The ending was kind of sad though Bastila and you now have a near infinite fleet to conquer the galaxy i guess for a coupple of centuries.

gameplay was awsome rpg features yes, but realtime combat, it was so interactive.
COmbat was great it exceed all my expectations, the enemies were good as well. their wasn;t a rediculous amount of dark jedi or sith warriors but they're were enouigh, it think the creators purposely infused the idea that the had lower skill levels but had numbers they were pretty easy to beat but assualt on the star forge was difficult.

The sound was awsome , the lightsabers sound just like the movies, the music was also worthy of star wars i feel especially the rendention of the force theme,(in the apartment hideout, and when u face Bastila) Malaks theme was familarly like one of trade federations theme, the sith theme, like on Korriban is like the emperors theme, the other sith theme battle armada, u hearit if u choose the darkside in the ending cinematic. The themes i think can be put up with the prequels i think.

Graphics, what can i say PC loyalist also think this is where their box shines, but ultimately the gamplay and everytthing else overshadows the graphics. The lightsaber does look very movie like, no noticeable changes when lightsaber is altered.
Overall everything was good

Reply i played it twice on differetn sides, however i htink i can unlock some thingsi saw Bastila on the planet in the star forge system which leads me to believe their may be some things. dialouge options i havent done.

Credibility, Malak, Bastila, Reven, Canderous nad others easily rival for a place in cannon star wars, they easily beat out Mara Jade, Kyle Katarn, Jerec, Dessan, and all the other EU char they make look like paparweights.
Bioware, and lucasarts presented the se char authentc so they are excepted as such. Everything in star wars lover, bad beoming good, good becoming evil, the game is easily the best star wars game ever

Rogue Nine
07-31-2003, 03:08 AM
Naphtali, this is a warning to you. Do not go and spam up the forums like that again. We do not need a new topic for every little idea. Should you do that again, your actions will result in a banning.

07-31-2003, 07:17 AM
And try to post impressions next time in the Xbox forums with spoiler tags please...

Wesia Daoke
07-31-2003, 11:57 AM
yes it is a very great game and it has a really great plot.