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You might be thinking when looking at the tittle "Yeah easy it's the thrid installment f the Dark Forces Saga Dip head". True it is but lets take a closer look shall we?

Part One:" Your Connection to the Force is still weak Jedi!" Reborn in the Jedi Acadamy levels.

Ok while playing throught JO again I ended up on Yavin Courtyard on Jedi Master. Well this is hard to catch but on your way to Skywalker's Room after you kill the Shadow Trooper that jumps down some Reborn Ambush you. Well I heard a Reborn go on and say "Your Connection to the Force is still weak Jedi!" and I'm like what how does he know about my connection to the Force? So I desided to invesitgate.Well my first thought was the Dark Forces Jedi Knight 2 game so well how does it relate? I don't know? Well poisiblets are this:

1: Light-side not sure how but there is a chance the Pick or Gorg are still alive and did not die yet and told Dessan.

2: Dark-side Sarris maybe if you go Dark-side Sarris might have told them.

But that didn't go together right so what I think is when Dessan went to the Valley he told his Reborn Troops all about Kyle and the Valley or when they were created they were fed the information in to there brains by Galak Fyarr.

So the question still puzzles me How Does The Reborn Know About Kyle's Connection to the Force?

Any Feedback and Help would be great.

08-05-2003, 03:01 AM
Well I would guess the Reborn would probally heard it off from Desann after facing Kyle in the first parts of the game and follow's him to the valley, knowing that he would recharge his powers to come confront Desann. Gorc and Pic are dead, they had no way to talk to Desann. And if you followed the MotS(Mysteries of the Sith) History that Kyle is a Jedi, but goes to the darkside but is saved by Mara Jade. That is why Kyle has no saber or force powers in the first of JO. He gave them up because he went to the darkside so easily. And I dont think "when they were created they were fed the information in to there brains by Galak Fyarr" . The Reborn's are human's, and they were already alive. They probally knew of Kyle's past of the Valley of the Jedi.

08-05-2003, 11:17 AM
You got a point there.I don't have MotS so I wouldn't know.But thanks for your help!

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Also lets assume that the Reborn were Robots, (Assuming here) what would the possibilitys be then?

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So... confused...

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What do you mean?

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I think that the Reborn are clones that were given a twisted control of the Force. (Hence how they all look the same) However, some Reborn were given stronger connections with the Force than others (Hence the different Reborn types) As for feeling Kyle's Force powers, anyone that is Force-adept can feel the Force in someone else. (Hence how Darth Vader knew that "The Force is strong with this one" in ANH) Knowing the Reborn, they probably said it just to psyche you out. After all, they're known to spew out (lame) comments about you, such as "The Force betrays you!" (Right before I push them down and annihilate them with a strong saber swing. ;) ) Actually, I think that they sensed that the Force was STRONG in you, but they tried to hide their fear by trying to downplay your Force potential. As for Gorc and Pic, they're dead. You don't see them in the cutscene where Kyle must choose which path he takes. Besides in the first JO cutscene, Mon Mothma says that Kyle and Jan were the only survivors of the "Valley of the Jedi incident," eliminating any speculation that any of the Dark Jedi were still alive/cloned. (Keep in mind that JO uses the Light ending of JK)

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That's the best way to put it, Neverhooden. Tommarow I'll try to get more up si check back for Updates!

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Originally posted by Reclaimer
Also lets assume that the Reborn were Robots, (Assuming here) what would the possibilitys be then?
Erm, but they're not are they, mate? They're the brainwashed and Force-imbued colonists from Artus. It tells you that in the game.
Oh, and robots/droids can't use the force as they have no living tissue.

:) B.