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08-06-2003, 11:27 AM
I just finished the game on the light side, but I still have two spots open on my character selection sheet. From what I hear one is Juhani. The other is on the left column in the middle row. It looks like it may be Calo Nord but I doubt it. Anyone know?

PS: It's not: Bastila, Canderous, Carth, Jolee, Mission, Zaalbar, HK-47

08-06-2003, 11:47 AM
It's that little T3 droid then

08-06-2003, 12:12 PM
Left column middle row is HK-47.
But since you said you already have him it must be T3.
T3-M4 is in the center column on the last row.

Killer Jawa
08-10-2003, 01:21 PM
If u dont have the droid..how did you get in the sith base to steal the codes to escape Taris. I thought you HAD to hav that droid..how could u not have it?

Well, to answer ur question ur missing Juhani and t3. (T3 was on taris in the droid store, the one that the person in the store sed it was for a special person and u cant buy it. But when u get canderous he tells u you can buy it.)

08-10-2003, 04:39 PM
he said the outline looked like calo nord and thats what i thought to when i first played the game and it on the left middle that has to be HK-47, you have to have the droid t3 no other way to get into the sith base on taris. but you also have to have HK-47 to move on in game he is needed to talk to sand people unless you just killed them all. They are both required to do major missions.