View Full Version : anyone have a good PA for a artisan/scout/marksman keeping in mind i havent even inst

correl khar
08-07-2003, 12:50 PM
ill probobaly be on the game 2morrow or the next day im looking for a medium sized guild thats active and focuses on economic and fighting and all. just reply and tell me what server and planet and ill try to be there at a time of your choice

I dont suffer from insanity i enjoy every second of it

Correl Khar

the ultimate marksman/scout/artisan/bounty hunter person guy

correl khar
08-07-2003, 01:57 PM
anybody gonna answer lol

Deft Aklin
08-07-2003, 02:59 PM
I'd love to say I could help you here. Although my PA has a rather elite group of players, we are focusing on RP over everything else. We may P-level a little, but that's more to give us more free time to RP with one another and with other PAs and players.

I'd check with the Associates. Contact Wraith 8 or Jan Gaarni

08-07-2003, 08:35 PM
What server do plan to play on or is that not been determined yet?? If you plan to play Eclipse then you can message me and i can see about getting you in on some of our hunts to see if you fit will with out PA.


08-07-2003, 11:35 PM
Here at Forcecouncil we are always looking for new people no matter what there skill. we are on the eclipse server and our website is www.forcecouncil.com look for me jaycougar or Gor online to join.

08-11-2003, 02:52 PM
We are in the need of new players the first 16 people to join will ne in my High Council (Second in command). Please consider this rebel loving PA on the Starsider Server.

About the CA:
Welcome to the Corellian Alliance! We are a association for all races. We fight for the Rebels and dispise the Empire. We respect all kinds of people and creatures. We even are in the process of building a city named Sha'Dawn. It is a beutiful port city on the Starsider Server. We have a city called Sha'Dawn. We are RECRUITING anyone who wants to join. This is just our temperary web page. We are building a new one. Our beutiful plant is below! AGAIN WELCOME!