View Full Version : What class of Jedi is best with scout/scoundrel/soldier

08-07-2003, 06:41 PM
Could you tell me what feats and skills I should focus on with these combinations.

08-10-2003, 01:15 AM
yeah, i was wondering this too. Who is the best?

08-10-2003, 02:55 AM
I dont if the Jedi Classes mean that much to your abilities. I think they just represent what type of Jedi you are. Dunno though, good question.

08-29-2003, 03:15 PM
first what you are supposed to choose though you don't have to-
Scout=Jedi Consular
Scoundrel=Jedi Sentinel
Soldier=Jedi Guardian
I think, could be wrong if i am someone please correct me.
Jedi Consular= Mainly force powers, should mostly be using them, though you can do mellee combat too, also you should level up persuade, this way you can avoid battles and get more credits if you want.
Jedi Guardian= Mainly combat with lightsaber though you may use force powers also.
Jedi Sentinel- Combo of the two above
Each Jedi class has it's own unique feats (ie Jedi Consular gets to master Force Focus where as Guardians only get the first level of it)
Examples of Jedi Consular=
In game: Jolee
Out game: Qui Gon Jinn
Examples of Jedi Guardian=
In game: Juhani
Out game: Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker
Examples of Jedi Sentinel=
In game: Bastilla
Out game: Yoda(?)

Jedi Consular:
Feats: Doesn't really matter, though you may want to get Conditioning and mabye Empathy, really your choice.
Attributes: Dexterity, Constitution, Wisdom. CON and WIS will raise the number of force points you have the more you have the longer it takes to deplete them, which is good.
Powers: Dark: Defineitly master Shock, as Force Storm is one of the best powers out there. Master the Wound power also, as Kill, the final level of Wound stuns and does damage! Drain Life is basically the dark equivalent to Light's Heal, but it does damage too! You may not be able to get all I've chosen, but choose two or three powers to master.
Light: Defineitly master Cure ASAP. It's very handy when party members die! Also you may want to master Force Push and Stun. Also Force Resistance should be mastered, though later in the game, like second planet after Dantooine. I say this because this is when you start fighting Dark Jedi in pairs, threesome, or sometimes four or even five at a time.
Skills: Persuade, and Treat Injury
Jedi Guardian:
Feats: Try to max out all combat feats early in the game, master lightsaber feat when you become a Jedi.
Attributes: Strength, Strength, Strength! Mabye a few in Constitution every few levels but, since you'll be focusing mainly on close melee, you'll want the majority of your attribute points to go into Strength. Trust me.
Powers: Read Consular, you won't be getting nearly as many Force Points with Guardian, but you'll still get to use Force Powers. I suggest leveling up Heal and Stun for light, and Shock and Wound for dark. If you still have more Powers choose some from the correct alignment above.
Skills: Treat Injury!
Jedi Sentinel:
Feats: Combat feats, and healing feats.
Attributes: Strength and Wisdom and Constitution, balance them!
Powers: Read Guardian and Consular.
Skills: Treat Injury and mabye Persuade.

If you still need more help, PM me or AIM me at leodalyon073 or Neopetfreak190. Thanks.

09-01-2003, 01:23 AM
go soldier/consular

the soldier part will keep you physically strong
the consular part gives you 2 force powers everyonce and a while instead of one.