View Full Version : Year 4 Help (n00bs don't look)

Darth Eggplant
08-10-2003, 02:17 PM
okay i am in year 4 finally, took me a year i know, i like to make a good game go forever, i am now stuck and can't figure this puzzle out. (before i get to where i am stuck i must say that i am sort of luke warm about year 4, it started off great, but right now i am kind of eeesh. however maybe i missied something. like it took me forever to get to Bowsley, i did it mainly by fluke not by being smart and figuring it out, but my exchange with him was so almost non existant. I must have done something wrong, cause it was dissapointing. next thing i did wrong was the celso\wife thing. i di not get that at all, suddenly celso has money a nice suit etc. and i am suddenly taken by hector back to my oriiginal office it sort of happened way to quick. so i must have missed the opprtunity to inter play against them. when i replay it i will have to see.)
okay now down to business manny is on the roof by the sign, he wants to cross over the leg. he has a sproutella gun, extra amo, his scythe, and liquid nitrogen and a bone crusher, he does not want to use any of them on anyhthing, so what is what? how does manny continue?

all in all however even as it stands this is one the best games i ever played, it's just that so many books, movies and games have such dissapointing endings.

anyhow fellow GFNers. and n00bs if you read this I warned you not to, i don't want to spoil the game play for you. anyhow a helpful hint or tip will be appreciated.

08-10-2003, 02:45 PM
For this simply look to the headstone on which the big neon sign's leg rests. You'll need to climb up onto the ledge to get to it. Then, look at the crack you can see at the base of the stone figurhead, firstly use the bone crusher and then pour some of the extra sproutella ammo onto it. The sign will fall, and you can then get off the ledge, climb up the ladder and get a cut scen of you sliding down the neon lady.