View Full Version : Blue Casket Poetry

08-10-2003, 06:54 PM
This thread is for all the Grim Fandango Blue Casket-inspired poetry that I know we've all got lying in the back of our brains somewhere. :D

What to do: If you had Manny do a reading during open mike night at the Blue Casket while playing the game, then you've already got an idea of what to do ... just throw together random words and phrases, make it as long or short as you want, and say "The End" when you're done so we know you're finished.

Let the creative juices flow! :cool:

(This will either turn out lame or good.)

Forever and ever
The phone is for me
Yo ho ho
I sit
The raven is black
The fabric was wrinkled
The End

08-27-2003, 02:58 PM
Ready, hard and cold
Slick, smooth, dully gleaming
It grows, it flows, ominous power
In the hands of a madman, settling
Finding a place
For comfort
For life
To blossom
To fade
To die