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Darth Eggplant
08-14-2003, 06:27 PM
I was out today buying clothes, and there just happened to be a Best Buy store next to it, so I went in, they had 3 2 pak deals for games, I wish I had 60 bucks. (one set i did not have to buy, i already have them) american mcgee's alice and clive barkers undying both from EA games. the other 2 were Lucas Curse and Escape from Monkey Island, I came real close to buying them. but i settled with Black & White with it's expansion pak. *and they are working on B&W2 I saw on their site. I still have to read the mannual, it will give me something new to play.

anyone have anything to say about this game?
let me know, it looks cool.

08-14-2003, 07:18 PM
I really liked the game...allot of fun to pick up a rock and throw it through your people's homes :p

Though it doesn't work for XP.

08-14-2003, 07:20 PM
Great game for about 3 hours....but then the effect of throwing people and playing God kinda wairs off :(

08-14-2003, 07:23 PM
Originally posted by KBell
Great game for about 3 hours....but then the effect of throwing people and playing God kinda wairs off :(

what he said ^_^

08-14-2003, 07:38 PM
I got a **** load of hours out of it..it's fun teaching your animal how to throw fireballs and stuff....the only thing I didn't like was once you get to island 2 it's like you are timed...unless you act the other god will take over everything.

It was also to hard to get your animal hugh...I left the game running all night while I slept and when I woke up it was not all that big, everyone was dead and there was **** EVERYWHERE! I mean all OVER the map...some places had massive piles of the stuff like he liked to take a **** there or somethin:o

08-14-2003, 08:10 PM
I had a ton of fun with it for a long, long time.

I was an intensely evil god with a saint for a pet.

He was a sparkly-white unicorn who I taught to grow new trees and harvest them for lumber. Despite being evil myself, I took good care of him and left him attached to the lumber area for awhile. This worked great - allowed me to focus on other things and destroy the other god(s) in the area. Until it all went horribly wrong.

One day my super-good unicorn decided he'd had enough of helping the people, and decided that they'd make good snacks instead. He ate almost my entire main village before I realized what he'd done (I was focusing on turning another god's territory into my own). So my only solution was to go all 'Ike Turner' on him and beat him senseless (i'm an evil god, after all).

After that I attached his leash to a rock and threw the rock as far out to sea as I could manage. :evil6:

08-14-2003, 08:54 PM
Yeah, I have that game and it can be pretty fun sometimes. Especially when fighting other creatures in the middle of a village :D .

Anyways, if you want to have your creature grow litterally overnight, and you still don't want it to run around causing havoc when your not looking, you can simply make it go into your temple and then trap it inside with rocks. It shouldn't be able to lift them if you take some heavy rocks. I did this once at least, and it grew quite a bit, perhaps to double height or so (it was the first map, btw). And remember: The larger your creature is, the more fun it is to kick that other guy's creature's butt (especially in the middle of a village ;)).

08-14-2003, 09:07 PM
lol yeah that's funny **** in the middle of a village...with them stepping on houses.

I also enjoyed beating the animal tell it was black and blue :cool:

08-14-2003, 09:14 PM
Its really fun but when your super strong creture dies you kinda feel like you wasted your time.

The best parts are when your creature fights other ones.

The Cheat
08-14-2003, 10:05 PM
it was fun for a while but got old pretty quick

08-14-2003, 10:15 PM
I have Black & White, but i only really installed it once, and never really played it, i may do soon and have some fun, but then again maybe not :(

08-14-2003, 10:49 PM
hey, theres always Black and White 2 took look forward too :D

ET Warrior
08-16-2003, 02:36 PM
My creature never got big, and it never really learned to do anything. I couldn't even get it to eat villagers and wreck things, and I beat that poor tiger a LOT. It was just toooooo stupid.

08-18-2003, 06:05 AM
Well the way you get them to eat anything is make them pick something up and rub their belly and they will eat it...if it's something like a piece of their own **** they will throw up....to teach them you must put them on a leash and then cast spells in front of them...you will see them point and see a percent above their head...a percent of how much they know...the more advanced the magic the harder it is to learn...like at the end of the game those badass laser bolts you can use...power factor 3 which will take out a whole town with one cast I tried teaching my pet it put it would take forever...after using it about 15 times the thing was at like 2%.

One thing I hated was I didn't want to be an evil god because their is no advantages but when I wanted to just mess around and throw people around you can't just reload...everything you do stays.

08-18-2003, 10:12 AM
It's very...ambitious. There's is a lot in this game, and it's designed to keep people hooked for hours on end. For some, it's not as intriguing as with others. Me? I found it a huge load of fun. Typically enough for me, I was trying really hard to be good, managing to get to the third island, with my good golden ape ^^; I'm so proud. Just got to a point where I had to fight one of the opposing God's creatures, but my ape wouldn't do it o.o; After a while, I just kinda gave up, and the game started collecting dust on my shelf. Might dig it out and fire it up this afternoon, and have a go =D The "human army" feature in B&W 2 looks very impressive, can't wait to see what other stuff they're gonna include:)

Lost Welshman
08-18-2003, 10:48 AM
It's a wicked game. Although, when you try and be a Good God it gets a bit annoying. It did for me anyway, I usually get bored and throw rocks at houses and teach my creature too, and within 5 minutes I have a huge evil, red, spikey temple. Fun though.

Training your creature to do 'Megablast' takes ages, but it's wicked when he knows how. My creature forgot how to do megablast so I unistalled it and haven't played it since.


Darth Eggplant
08-18-2003, 02:13 PM
it is going to have to sit in my maybe future drawer because my computer is not fast enough to play it, and always gets stuck at the opening prayer for a god in the opening cinematic

08-18-2003, 05:07 PM
Originally posted by RoguePhotonic
Though it doesn't work for XP.

Maybe that´s why it didnt work when i tried it yesterday. I got the loading screen and afterwards i came right back to windows.


Isnt there some kind of patch?

08-18-2003, 08:59 PM
Nope...I have seen posts from people all pissed saying why didn't they ever come out with a patch.

08-18-2003, 09:13 PM

I'm sure there was a patch, I remember installing one. I'll check the official site, and get back to ya. And I have XP, and it works fine o.O; *shrugs*

08-18-2003, 10:42 PM
Oh there is patches...just none to make it work with XP...like one guy said if you get it to work with XP it's a miracle!!

So your one of the lucky ones.

Darth Eggplant
08-18-2003, 11:18 PM
my OS is win98
(and i think i only have the required stuff)
AMD K6-2 350mhz
lots of RAM
good 3d card
so I don't know if it will play
a patch would be nice to make it go.
(it looks kind of neat)

08-19-2003, 12:00 PM
I browsed around the net yesterday and found a B&W patch. I installed it and guess what? Its working now on my XP!!!
. Lemme just get the location...

Here you go ;) (http://www.pcgameworld.com/details.php/id/3104/)

08-19-2003, 01:01 PM
Works good on XP for me. I didnt even have to patch it, although I got some crashes before i went to 1.20.

I just entered the fourth island. My creature is a goofy ape who fights like a demon. He's got 3% fat on him, but his strength is really high. So he's fast. Really fast.

I had a blast killing the enemy gods wolf over and over. Every time my creature would win, he would whistle at the enemy temple up the hill, dance around in a taunt, stand on one hand and point at the enemy god, then shrug like it's no big deal.

Thats my boy!

Darth Eggplant
08-19-2003, 01:47 PM
thanks, I am downloading it now, hope it works for win98
i think my processor may be the trouble, but i will still try it.
and if not it is a future game to play.

08-19-2003, 01:48 PM
When i first played it they never released any patches for it so it was pretty buggy for some reason. Thats probly why i stopped playin it. I might install it again :D

08-19-2003, 02:31 PM
There is a 1.3 patch also: