View Full Version : Caption Contest Continues This Sunday!!

08-15-2003, 05:42 AM
My personal tragedy has been taken care of so I'm back on and will be continuing the Caption Contest.

This Sunday will mark the 3rd Contest.

Remember the rules...

Cardinal rules

1. To make it easier on the judge(s), one post per person, but as many entries per post as you want.

2. Captions must be related to MI.

3. Captions must follow the rules and guidelines of the posting board.

Additional rules

4. It's an open entry, weekly contest - anyone can enter (or not) if they wish.

5. No prizes are awarded, just bragging rites to the winner (so s/he can stroke his/her own ego.)

6. This contest will be allowing returning champs each week up to 3 weeks in a row (this rule is negotiable.)

And above all, Have fun!