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08-16-2003, 02:57 PM
Can anyone help me with Jedi Knight 2? I have single player mode, and simply can not get any models, mods, dual sabers or anything but maps to run. I do not understand/know how to run mods, start them, and basicly do anything but the helpusobi 1 function. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME! I really want to use the two saber and double-sided saber function to run. What do I need!?!? ANd to use Darth Vader and a few other folk!

08-16-2003, 03:35 PM
There are some multiplayer mods that simply will not work for SP because Raven has not (and probably never will) release the SP source code. I'm afraid dual sabers and double bladed sabers are an impossibility for SP. In order to run mods, make sure the file is in the Gamedata folder. Once that is done, start up JO SP, go to the mod menu, and choose the mod you want. Then just hit "Load mod." If the mod doesn't work, it might be because you might have the 1.02 version of JO. If so, install the 1.04 patch found on many file sites such as jk2files.com and lucasfiles.com. There are many models/skins that will not work in SP mode. However, it is relatively easy to edit them to make them replace Kyle in SP. Here's what you do:
1. Download and install Pakscape, if you haven't done so already. You can find it easily by typing "Pakscape" on Google.

2. Take the model you want to use and extract the pk3. (You'll need Winzip for this)

3. Open up Pakscape and open the pk3 file

4. Go to models, then players

5. Create a new folder and call it kyle (no capitals)

6. Copy the model.glm and model_default.skin and place it in the kyle folder.

7. Save the file and place it in your base folder.

8. Start JO SP and start a new game. (otherwise the new model holds the lightsaber in strange positions and places.)

9. Kyle is now replaced. Make sure to always load a map by typing in the map name in the console window by typing map mapname. (press shift and ~ key to bring up console window)

Replacing sounds is similar to replacing the model. Go to the sound folder, then chars folder. Create a new folder called kyle. (again, without capitals) Copy all the sounds from the model to the kyle folder. The sounds should be replaced. Hope this info helps!

08-16-2003, 04:16 PM
The problem with me is that I am using a Version of Jedi Outcast that I got from Kazaa. It does not have Kyle folder or sounds or anything at all, though I clearly understand what you are saying. Can I in anyway patch Multiplayer to this version?
Are there maps that include enemies that I can download from any website? Containing perhaps Darth Vader/Maul or anyone I know from the movies?

08-16-2003, 07:49 PM
You shouldn't have posted that on this forum.

You need the 1.04 patch.

08-16-2003, 11:03 PM
Well, I'm not sure how much your JO game has included in it, the fact being that many elements have been taken out of your game(sounds and probably other things as well). It might not support mods at all. I would suggest buying the full game or having a friend burn a copy of the game on a CD for you. Better yet, wait until Jedi Academy comes out and buy that. It's going to have a lot more features than JO.