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08-16-2003, 05:36 PM
I like this game a lot. I've had more fun with it than most games I've played in the past couple of years. I keep coming back to it to play with stats and force powers and stuff that I'd never tried before... It's really a pretty cool game. But for me, the game had some flaws which really disappointed me because I expected so much more. The issues are mainly with how the game is paced, with barely any real exploration, and next-to-worthless rewards for the exploration that you DO complete.

In the game's sequel (which you just KNOW is coming), I'd like to see a more traditional RPG exploration setup, so there are things like secret weapons (like the ultimate weapons in the Final Fantasy games), rare armor that you have to do a LOT of work to aquire or forge or whatever (like the AF Armor in Final Fantasy XI)... Um, a MUCH more varied character creation setup... you know... something more than just ten or so pre-made faces. I'd like to be able to REALLY customize my character's looks as in Galaxies).

I also didn't like how even the rarest of items (Revan's Robes or Cassus Fett's armor, etc) were of little consequence in the overall scheme of things. The legendary items in the game seem to require no exploration, so you find them EASILY, then in the next town, you find somethin better through some merchant. The point is... The rare stuff needs to MEAN something to the player! The game needs to be EXPANDED in so many ways!

Also... SHEESH, there are bugs EVERYWHERE in this game. I've had the XBox to lock up on me numerous times out of nowhere during fights (which could be the console's fault, not just the game's), characters walk right in front of you and suddenly reappear at a more distant location, as if they just teleported... The infamous Carth glitch (which, thankfully I've not experienced yet), and there are even a few more problems that I've not read about anywhere, that I've experienced anyway. The game is BUGGY!!

Ummm... what else... it needs to be a lot longer. My first time through, it only took me right around 38 hours to beat. That's a little too fast for a landmark RPG.

Also, PLEASE get rid of the non-John Williams music! Argh! Some of that battle music was more likened to a Spy Kids movie than to Star Wars! Good grief, the music was probably the most disappointing aspect of this game for me. What else, what else...

I can't think of anything right now, but there are some things they DEFINITELY could improve on.

Perhaps the downloadable content from X-Box Live can help with some of this? The new items/weapons/whatever that are coming up may hold some relief to the problems I've listed.

08-17-2003, 01:45 AM
what i'd like to see most in the sequel: more than anything: is the ability to play my same pc from kotor. start me at level 20 where i left off with things being just as challenging as the end of the game.

i'm crossing my fingers that bioware is taking into account many of us invested a lot of time developing our characters and won't be so quick to want to give them up.


08-17-2003, 03:14 AM
fafnir shutup about the flaws in the game (except the glitches) i found the game quite enjoyable and lengthy....the way u aquire stuff was also fine and the exploration is all that i expected!!!!!!!!! sry.....jsut dont talk to me about not liking the game....i was waiting over a year for it and i think its impossible for me not to like it now.................:cool: