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Darth Eggplant
08-18-2003, 02:34 PM
I recently bought The Animatrix OST and the Animatrix video.
here is a quickie review of the OST: *saddly with the exception of tracks 11 & 12* the OST was as amazing and brilliant as every other piece of music associated with the Matrix. Don Davis was part of the sonic sodimization of the soul, which tracks 11 & 12 represent, and like in lame hollywood efforts DON'T put a rap song at the end of every movie. and dont let stars do techno stuff or particiapte in a song. anyhow hearing these 2 craptacular pieces of music, are cracks in the ice, of what was and is a cool franchise. it means after Revolutions comes out; STOP and leave well enough alone, don't keep picking at it, and DON'T franchise it out to a second or third hand party. I play the Animatrix OST with tracks 11 & 12 programed out. and like the other music for the movies (which I have them all) I still highly recomend buying them. and would still call them MUST HAVE albums.

the DVD or VHS hwoever is entirely different matter alltogether.