View Full Version : joke-making tourney or...whatever.

Das Mole
08-18-2003, 11:33 PM
in this thread, you have to make an original joke of your own. then when everybody that wants to make a joke has made one... each person tha tparticipated goes through and rates the other people's jokes. then we average the scores and whoever ends up with the lowest score will be eliminated. when you're judging, you have to be impartial, unbiased and prepared to give the complete and total unvarnished truth. in other words, you need to become heartless for a few mintues. so once someone is eliminated, the next round starts where you have to make a whole new joke. and they have to be original. you can't just take a joke liek "a horse walked into a bar and said 'ouch' " and change it to "a monkey walked into a bar and said 'ouch' ", that doesn't count as original.

so when there are two people left, the eliminated people rate the final two people's jokes and then whoever gets the higher average will win. so it's kinda simple...i think. anyway...the first round will start at 6:00 am GMT on tuesday, august 19, and the round will end at 6:00 am GMT on sunday, august 24 and then we'll all judge the jokes in the time span from 6:00 am GMT on sunday, august 24, to 6:00 am GMT on tuesday, august 26.

so...get started. i'll post my joke back here a little bit later...:)