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Dagobahn Eagle
08-20-2003, 02:07 PM
Decided it was time for one.

First of all, let me apologize for being way off target when estimating that the Norwegian version of Dawning would be out by summer and the English version would be out by the end of the summer break. I realize now that this was a really big overestimate.

As it stands, Dawning is in beta stage, if you can say that about a board game. This means that while it's fully playable, and enjoyable, it's not yet ready for release. There's still a ton of balancing to be done, particularly of ground vehicles and naval vessels, the rules need to be tweaked and simplified a bit, and I'm still working on the two campaigns that I want to release along with the game.

Second off, I'm shutting down my two websites hosted by MSN and will start looking for a new provider. People at this board have been kind enough to give me some suggestions, which I'm looking into. I also need a new board provider, as the MSN one is not nearly advanced enough to my liking:p and I don't really like it.

Is the Dawning project in trouble? Absolutely not. The project is moving along fine, and I'm continuerly receiving help, suggestions, and artwork to put in the game (credit list is starting to get long:)) which keeps telling me that the SWD project is something that people want and that I should keep on working on. Feels to good to be true sometimes.

Now, a couple of things delayed the project. First, real life. If real life was a game, I'd have uninstalledt and throw it in the trash bin a long time ago, I'm so sick of it. To me, Dawning is a hobby that I keep working on, and don't know when I'll finish.

So it all comes down to this:

1. I don't know when SWD will be out. Probably in a year or so, or later.

2. Currently, I'm looking for message board hosting and web hosting for the game. Once I have hosting, I'll be glad to put up updates and uploads to it. I already have an FTP site and a horde of bytes to upload to (thanks, KrKode!:)). I've also got stuff for other games, stories, and so on that I'd also like to upload, and I've even made the Index page of the site (it's sitting on my HD, ready for upload) I seriously consider paying for a web service like Homestead, but I'm undecided on this as of now.

So that's about it. I'll see you around:).

Dagobahn Eagle