View Full Version : JustJust got Back From Leeds fest! Hell Yeah!

Captain Wilson
08-22-2003, 11:51 PM
It was so f***** cool! My First Leeds fest ever! Its 2 im the morning here in ol' england and i was wounderin anyone eles been and whatta think of it. If you Didnt go, Get your tickets for next year

08-23-2003, 12:47 AM
For those of us that live in america, what is this Leeds fest? A concert thing?

El Sitherino
08-23-2003, 02:06 AM
sounds like a hippy fest.:)

Captain Wilson
08-30-2003, 02:11 PM
its a concert that spans 3 days with a varity of differnt bands. One the day i went there was System of a down, metallica, Sum 41, Primal Scream, Suger cult, the used and others. It was great! BTW sorry for probaly bring the tthread back up but ive been away....

08-30-2003, 05:27 PM
They alternate the three days between a venue in Leeds and a venue in Reading.

I went to Reading on the Friday, which I believe was the same line-up as Saturday at Leeds. Here's my review of the day:


Weh-helll! That was the day! 22nd August 2003!
We finally got into the venue after queing for about 90 mins to exchange our tickets for the wristbands you see above. Mind you, you weren't allowed out of the site and back in, so wristbands seem a little pointless, don'tcha think? The weather held out for the day, although it did look a bit ropey at one point and I managed to "catch the sun on my face". IE- I'm red

That's me with me red shades on, consqeuentally, my day looked like this:

So, as promised, here's a run-down of the bands we caught, in the order we caught 'em.

Band: Bowling for Soup
On: The Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
The album Drunk enough to dance, a couple of singles and I saw them last year at the Zodiac, Oxford.
So, how were they? Pretty smart, as anticipated! Like I said, they were playing when we finally got into the place, so we missed the first few numbers. But we did manage to catch Running from your Dad, The Beach Song, Surf Colorado, and of course Girl all the Bad Guys Want. The band were tight as ever, funny as ever and well worth watching if you get the chance. They've got a new single out shortly, so I'd guess a new album and a new tour will be following.
Ulcer-Rated: 4/5

We had a bit of a wander round then, there are loads of clothing and accessory stalls inside the site, and enough food vendors to keep most people happy. We also made the first of many trips to the bar

Band: Less than Jake
On: Main stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Saw them last year at Reading, apart from that, nowt.
So, how were they? I'm not really into that Ska-Punk thing, but Less than Jake are one of the exceptions. They put so much energy into their performance, it's impossible not to enjoy them. They're having so much fun on stage it's infectious. They're a joy to watch and perfect festival material.
Ulcer-Rated:: 4/5

Then a meander over the other side of the site for:

Band: Alien Ant Farm
On: Radio 1 Evening Session Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Only the singles I'm afraid.
So, how were they? I enjoyed the Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal as much as anyone else did, but I never found the band to be that engaging, y'know? Sadly, it's no different live. I'm sorry to say that I found myself getting a little bored through their set, although they did pack out the Radio 1 tent. Admittedly, it's not the best scenario when you only know 3 or 4 songs by a band and you're watching them live, but there were other bands on today who didn't have this problem. The other drawback is that the Radio 1 tent is pretty huge, with capacity for about 5,000 people standing and the stage simply isn't high enough. Consequentally, you can't see enough of the band that's playing. I suppose the Farm were tight enough, but it's just not as catchy as I was hoping. They kept Smooth Criminal till the end, taunting the crowd with a cover of Sade's Smooth Operator and a bizarre rendition of Slayer's Angel of Death. I can't say they weren't varied!
Ulcer-Rated: 3/5

Another pint, some chips and then it was time to head over for:

Band: Staind
On: Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
The album Break the Cycle, but not the new one sadly.
So, how were they? Oh poor, poor Staind. It just wasn't happening for the boys and I did feel bad for them. The opening number saw intermittent feedback from the mic, and the guitars cutting in and out. This was very clearly frustrating the band and audience alike, and the guitarist walked off stage at the opening of the second number, which just wan't happening. Vocalist Aaron knew the audiences misgivings weren't directed at the band directly (he was just as fed-up himself) and started a fantastic accoustic set. Now, a mate of mine saw Staind a couple of years ago, and said that while musically brilliant, they were one of the dullest bands he's ever watched. In other words, perfect for an accoustic set, where a strong stage presence isn't required. As it turned out, Aaron had the crowd absolutely enraptured by his opening song; a cover of Pearl Jam's Black. the rest of the band gradually joined in acoustically (even the huffy guitarist) over: Outside, Epiphany and It's Been Awhile. They played a couple of songs from the new album which I didn't recognise, but I was equally impressed. Full marks to Staind for turning around what could have been a disappointment for everyone.
Ulcer-Rated: 5/5

Now eagle-eyed readers will have spotted Jay-Z on today's line up. I can't tell you how horrified I was at this revelation, and how relieved I was when I found out that Jay-Z was actually playing on the Saturday and we were due to see:

Band: The Darkness
On: Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Just the singles they've had out, I'll be investigating the album VERY soon.
So, how were they? In a word, AMAZING. This band had me crying, they really are the db's! A lot of people like or dislike this band for the wrong reasons: THEY'RE NOT BEING SERIOUS! Vocalist Justin is like a cross between Dave Lee Roth and David Coverdale with a bit of Freddy Mercury thrown in! He literally dominates the stage with his rock pouts and wiggles, wearing the same ridiculous lycra-jumpsuits that he wears in the band's videos. And it's not just Justin, the rest of the band back him up perfectly as the epitome of ROCK! Quote from my brother-in-law yesterday "well, we were playing that stuff 15 years ago, what's so special about them? :( " Gah! That's the point! Everyone was playing that 15 years ago! No-one plays it these days and is so tongue-in-cheek about it. The Darkness have toured recently with Def Leppard and The Rolling Stones, I've got to wonder of they know it's a ****-take. Go and watch this band, on MTV if you can't make it to a gig, you will believe in the power of ROCK again!
Ulcer-Rated: 5/5

Over the other side of the site, via the bar, again for:

Band: Electric Six
On: Radio 1 Evening Session Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Only the album Fire, but that's enough for me to love them!
So, how were they? What can I say? SIX RULE!!!111!!! The Radio 1 tent was once again packed for this band, and I have no idea why they were on so early! They opened up with Naked Pictures of Your Mother and the crowd seemed to be loving it. I say seemed because it came apparent after a couple of numbers that the majority of the audiance was only there for the song Gay Bar. This was confirmed three songs from the end of the set when they finally gave in to the baying fans and unleashed the aforementioned beast of a song! About 60% then left as Placebo were playing by then, leaving the more 'loyal' Sixers to actually get to see the band. With this in mind, I wish they'd played Gay Bar at the start of the set. That aside, Electrix Six were one of my faves, another 45 minutes of true showmanship. Interestingly, three members of the band left about 2 months ago, watching them on stage yesterday with their replacement members, you wouldn't even guess. Truly electric!
Ulcer-Rated: 5/5

We then quickly scooted back to catch the end of:

Band: Placebo
On: Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Singles they've had out, and I've heard album tracks at a friends house.
So, how were they? Well, from what we saw of them (the last 3 numbers) they were exactly what I expected them to be, competent but a little whiney? I'm not sure if a gig the size of Reading is the right thing for this band. They seem to want to be in a smaller venue, although the crowd at the front was certainly enjoying them. As you've gathered, I'm not the hugest fan of Placebo to start with, I start to get bored of them after a few tracks, so this was probably ideal for me. The fans seemed to like it, anyway...
Ulcer-Rated: 3/5

Another couple of swift halves, and a rendezvous with the rest of the party, and it's time for:

Band: Blink 182
On: Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
Well, the singles, and my girlfriend's got the albums.
So, how were they? Oh dear. There's always one isn't there? Let's get this straight, I don't hate this band. I still think they're entertaining enough in their place. Some of the crowd I was with love the Blinks and they were disappointed, so you can tell what I'm going to say can'tcha? It struck me again last week, watching MTV, just how incredibly plastic this band are. Sure, they play their own instruments, write their own songs, but that's not always enough. The band basically swore their way through the set like a trio of 8-yr-olds that have just learned some rude words. I also wouldn't surprised if Linkin Park's soundman had bribed Blink 182's soundman a couple of grand to make 'em sound crap. I'd also say he got his money's worth. I even found myself heckling the band where normally I'd give them the chance to play their set out. They seemed to be making the effort, but they just haven't got what it takes to entertain 60,000 people.
Weak band. Weak sound. At least I had a pint in my hand.
Ulcer-Rated: 1/5 (and that's just for turning up)

And then, once it had gotten properly dark and people were ignoring the "don't light fires" rule, the headliners were on:

Band: Linkin Park
On: Main Stage
How much of their stuff I know:
I love Hybrid Theory, didn't like Reanimation, and haven't checked out Meteora yet.
So, how here they? Was I wrong to be pleasantly surprised? I wasn't expecting them to be bad, but I've never seen them live before so I was wondering how they were going to pull their set off. The answer? Rather splendidly! All the power you'd expect from the Park, even standing back at the sound-desk area. They roared though a mixture of material from all three albums, which was nice. IE Not just a show for the casual-fan (like me) I got the feeling they were definitely in-touch with their fans, and the atmosphere was electric when it came to my personal fave: Crawling. Definitely worth seeing, and I'd like to see them again.
Ulcer-Rated: 4/5

So, the winners of the day? For me it's a tie between The Darkness and Electric Six. Both are fun-bands, and both are absolutely perfect for a day like this. There are were two more days of the festival to go, but there wasn't really enough at either day to make me want to go.

(I was going o post a load of pics in here of the day, but it kept telling me that there were too many. What's the limit these days?)

Peace out,
:D B.

Captain Wilson
08-30-2003, 05:40 PM
Correct on the day line up. I was gonna stay saturday at leeds but i was on hoilday the next day :(. I have abslutly no photos and relied on my friend...so if your on here Kay Boy, thanks! We were lucky we only had to wait 10 mins for our wristbands :D...but 3 hours to get in. Glad you enjoyed it man!

08-30-2003, 06:11 PM
I wish i woulda been there to see Linkin Park and Staind. I've heard nothing but great things from their live proformances and i love most of their songs.

But Thank God i wasnt there for Blink 182, they're terrible. I just cant seem to get into any of their songs.

08-30-2003, 11:18 PM
Eh, the music doesn't interest me, but it could have been fun with the crowd and all.

Although thousands of drunken and angry Brits listening to Blink 182 doesn't sound too good to me.........