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09-04-2003, 12:53 PM
Now, I know dev's are trying to work bugs out and all this. This is just a suggestion that they can copy/paste in their My Documents folder. :D

As of right now, the only point in ranking in a faction is to gain a larger FP pool. This really annoys me. For one, there should be someway to distinguish ranks among imperials. Maybe change the imperial symbol next to their name for each rank...whether it be color or style. Maybe you leave the symbol alone and just put thier Abbreviated rank in front of their name. (i.e. Corp. Mosheh or SS Gershin Artuvor...or Lt. Righlan). Along with this priviledge should be the choice on whether you want to wear it. This choice only comes when you're overt. You can choose to have rank established in front of your name or not. However, if you're covert...that means you're hiding your alignment. So, you won't have the option to wear your rank in front of your name.
Another thing, I can't stand it when people do not listen. I'm not saying "Hey everyone! Listen to me please!" However, my cousin, myself, and 2 friends coordinated this HUGE raid on Anchorhead(AH). Due to our background and just the way we go at games....we are highly strategic and use tactical manuevers in combat situations. Now, we are very different in the way we execute our strategies....nonetheless we're both excellent strategists. During this raid, all of the leaders executed thier own strategies...however we checked with the other group leaders to make sure their wouldn't be conflict with one of thier strats.....or that we wouldn't have too many people coming in one direction thus drawing focus fire making all easier targets. Believe me...just because you can hit TAB to auto-target doesn't mean a thing. When there are that many enemies and they're coming from all directions...people tend to forget that TAB is an auto-target. They may still use it...but they still panic. Not knowing where to concentrate their fire. One quam I do have about AH...there's no balconies for us loveable snipers :) That's another post though.

Let me gather myself, I kinda went on a rambling rampage there. Okay yeah, found my point again, lol. Higher ranking faction members that are the Group Leader should have some special abilities. I know I know....you're saying "That's what Squad Leader's for". Well, Squad Leader's can't do what I'm talking about. Higher Ranking Faction members that are group leaders should be able to see a map of a city without having to have their Ctrl + M map on which requires you to be within a certain distance. On that map, they should be able to wp entry location/locations for their group and highlight/circle tactical positions in the city. AH doesn't require too much tactical thinking...there isn't really a whole lot of options in the way of AH...however, the entry wp on the map's would still stand. I'd be happy if they even just gave this ability to Squad Leaders. Still, there needs to be some other reason for ranking then just a title and a larger FP pool. Honestly.....that just makes ranking through factions a virtually pointless thing.

I don't know if this post made any sense. It didn't come out at all like I had thought it up. It sounds much better in my mind...honestly. However, I do think you should be able to catch my drift. So, I'll end it here.

Te'Ga Gar
09-14-2003, 07:32 AM
i'll have to agree with you on that one. i have wasted fpts on rank up to Staff Sargeant. and found it to be pointless to go any higher. something more needs to be there. access to better weapons and armor (better stats/resistance), or for every rank you gain the fpts needed to buy stuff will be reduces by 1%.
i dont realy care what, just some thing more needs to be there.

09-15-2003, 01:42 PM
I was thinking on this subject some more today. Also, if you're a group leader, you should be able to give commands. Orders, in other words. If the person you give the orders to is a lower rank, and they do not follow through, they can be reprimanded. Depending on the severity of the disobedience it could be anywhere from losing a few FP, to losing a rank, to losing a all FP except for original 200. I know there are people who would abuse this power, but there are ways of dealing with that also. It's just very annoying when you have a set plan of attack, and it's screwed up because a couple people have this, "Nobody orders me around." attitude. The Imperial Army is just that, an army. If you receive orders from a commanding officer in the real armed forces, you better believe you're gonna follow through with it. Either that or suffer the consequences. Plus, this reprimand option would only be presentable when in groups. So, if someone was worried about getting reprimanded, then all they would have to do is not join a group.