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09-08-2003, 09:09 PM
play on the kettmore server names Wazit looking for a good group of folks who enjoy the game and could use a extra weapon or heal in their assocation (sp). I've pretty much soloed up to this point with some assists from folks. I hang around Mos Espa on tatoonie. I would like to join a association that may go rebel or stay nuetral. If Anyone is looking for a new member give me a reply or a tell in game.
:fett: :saberb: :snipe1:

09-15-2003, 12:18 AM
Hey, Wazit. I'm a member of a PA known as the Dark Knights Alliance, and we're trying to get reorganized and back together on Kettemoor.(We were originally planning on playing on starsider, but because it's so popular, and thus laggy, we decided to move.) Anyway, as I am currently the only member on Kettemoor, your membership would be most appreciated, unlike other guilds, we actually listen to what our members have to say, and everyone is important to us. We are a guild-of-all-trades as we plan to dabble in many professions. If you are interested, either send me a message on AIM at Nayias37, or an e-mail at nayias07@yahoo.com. If you wish to talk to me in-game send a tell or mail to mathayus. Thanks, later! :D