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El Sitherino
09-10-2003, 08:59 PM
I'm thinking of quitting school.
I'm finding it pointless to take my time and walk to school when first off I'm outcasted by 3/4 of the school, second the work we do will never be used in a career. I'm growing tired of taking these pointless vocational tests that will supposedly "help" me with career possibilities.
Today we took the ASVAB test, I didn't wish to take it and they tried to put me in the "in-school" suspension program. I decided I would just go home instead.
I'm going to try doing online high school courses. or possibly other forms of homeschooling. My parents and the teachers and such keep telling me school is important not only for knowledge but to help with social skills, I fail to see how making it so we can't talk in classes or lunch helps us with social skills, not to mention we are all capable of coherently communicating with other people in society already therefore the social skills and such are invalid points. they say there is more to social skills than that, but if you don't have the other stuff down by now then you are like me, a person with a sociological disorder thus incapable of maintaining certain social standards. thus explains my unorthodox social manner. I wish to appologize about that. I realize I'm an ******* in real-life and the chats sometimes. I go to therapy to help fix this but some things just don't change. But I do try.

I don't work well with guys, it's just a thing I have a problem with. Some guys I get along great with, others I often have thoughts of harming.(but then again don't we all have feelings of harming jerks? ;) ) I'm a very considerate person to females unless they give me a reason to not be. But I have a hard time giving people respect when they seem undeserving of it (respect on the whole I mean) I feel those people deserve noones respect. (I realize some of you feel that way about me and to those people I'm sorry you feel that way, I can understand sometimes.) I'm trying to strive to be a better person and the women in my life help me gain some of that perspective that makes me a better person, but sometimes it's just hard when you're surrounded by a bunch of ignorant yolkles (yes, I realize I too am somewhat ignorant but on a lesser scale than these people.) I realize some of the hypocracy in the statement I have made but allow me to give you a mental picture to help you understand the scaling.
take a nickel, or a coin of nickel size, for instance. That will represent my ignorance. Now take an object of 5 inches in height. compare. :)

I do wish to succeed and become a loving and devoted husband and be able to support all my wife's dreams along with mine. But I find it so hard to put up with crap they are throwing at me in the school.

I have watched tv(news) and I have done my own homework, on many occasions(no I'm not lying I really did some homework). I did quite a bit in school already, and once I got home at 1:30 in the afternoon, I had immediately started working on my homework. I had not taken any breaks except 2 times to go urinate. By the time I finished it was 2:30 in the morning of the next day. Thus I have concluded. They give us too much work. I have yet to see all adults taking home this much work after their job day is over. I realize some adults do but not all especially my parents. Sure many adults and parents have kids they take care of, dishes to do, things like that, but other than the kids all that stuff is voluntary, technically having the kids was voluntary(atleast for most people). Sure it's healthy to clean your dishes and such but it's not required. so that stuff is null from the point of work after your job is over.

I'm sorry if some (or all) of this doesn't make any sense. I have disorders that keep me from maintaining a constant subject thus causing me to ramble on and on like a cenial old man.

09-10-2003, 09:26 PM
I understand completely. Life sucks. School is what makes it suck the most. I am also in the same boat. Outcasted by most of my peers. I do all my homework, and I just started sccool. Already I have way too much.

People need to rethink this school thing. Its way out of hand.

As about dropping out - You really shouldn't, what are younow? Somphmore? Junior? I say just finish school. Even if you don't learn naythign thats useful. You;ll be proud of yourself at your graduation. ;)

09-10-2003, 09:49 PM
School is important. Stick with it and you wont become a nobody. If i quit school, my parents would most definetly kick me out . The only people that have dropped out of my school were druggies. And no one ever heard from them again.

Darth Eggplant
09-10-2003, 09:50 PM
please stay in school bs or not.

when i was in highscool it was a different world they said you only needed grade 12 for a good job, well i only have grade 12 and guess what i have torouble finding a good job, without even basic high school and no college or university you will suffer worse off when your an old guy like me. hang in there. educate your self and forget the 3\4's who are jerks. if you excell someday they may end up working for you.

Darth Groovy
09-10-2003, 10:21 PM
Don't quit school, you will hate yourself later in life. The job market is so competitive nowdays, that you practically need a Master's to sweep floors. I only regret that I joined the Navy instead of finishing college. Now I am 5 years behind most of the people I know and trying to catch up.

09-11-2003, 12:53 AM
Do not I say, Do not quit school. Yes, it's tough for me since I'm 2 years younger than everyone in my grade (8th), and people seem to have a fun time pushing me around, but we all have to live with crap like that. Schools can be annoying, but there are things in it that when you leave, well, you miss. So my advice is stick with it, live with it, and try to enjoy every minute of your life. :D

09-11-2003, 01:43 AM
Erm, you are outcasted by only 3/4ths of the school? Damn you're lucky.:P

But yeah,stick with it. If you dont have at least a high-school degree,the best job you'll get in life is at a retail store. Maybe a janitor.

Maybe it's just the grade I'm in(7th), but they dont give too much homework here. Plus the teachers are actually good.(There are a few oddities, but they're all better than other's I've had)And our schools are very poorly funded,mind you.

So stick with it. You'll be happier once you get into college and thus you wont have to worry about crappy teachers and being outcasted by your peers.

09-11-2003, 01:44 AM
Put your nose to the grindstone and get that education! You'll regret it otherwise. There are 40 and 50 year olds going back to school because they see they arn't going anywhere without an education.

School makes no sense often, and really pointless in many areas, but the "piece of paper" you get, means everything, means your life. Also, you pick up on a few things that make us who we are. History, for example. I hate it, but I'm glad I know some history of our lives.

09-11-2003, 08:14 AM
Your education is the most important thing in your life right now. I know it's hard enough being a teenager, without the added presure of school, but we all have to go through it. It's just one of those things. Noone ever said life would be easy.

If you don't have a good education, you won't get a good job, and life will be a lot harder because of it. You plan on having kids right? You want them to have a good life right? You want to spoil them rotten right? Well the only way you are going to do that is with a good education and a good job. Suck it up and stick with it, like we all have/had to.

The sun always comes out after a storm.

El Sitherino
09-11-2003, 12:39 PM
as i said i plan to quit school not quit schoolING. I plan to take up some form of homeschooling if i quit. I do wish to succeed. I just don't wish to deal with these teachers that are morons and the 3/4 of the school that are assh*les.

09-11-2003, 03:05 PM
high school may be a joke...but if you quit wtf are you going to do in life eh? Just wait till you get to college...trust me.

Just stick with it, I hated HS too but I also got involved in a LOT of things to make my experience more enjoyable. I ran cross country and track and made my best friends there. I started a mountain biking club that is still active even after I have been graduated for 2 years. Seriously, I was stubborn and outcasted myself freshman year. Then I just let go and started to open up. It will make HS so much better I am serious. Even though most of the work and crap they make you do is a joke and pointless...just do it.

Get into a good college, and once you get in college it will be a dream. You can take whatever classes you feel like, the classes are VERY interesting however, a little difficult....but not impossible. If you are single...girls everywhere, everybody on campus is very friendly I meet new people all the time. You will love college, you just gotta stick with it in HS. You will start to feel a sense of direction in life when you are in college, most people know right away what they wana do, others dont, it doesnt matter!! That is the beauty of it...I am just discovering computer science and geology and I love it!

I think it is a pathetic excuse to quit school because you refuse to get along with others, the classes are BS and things like that. That doesnt matter you have to be able to handle whatever life throws at you...wether its BS or not. You could at least try to get involved with school activities to make your time there more enjoyable. Dont worry if people "outcast" you, dont let that bring you down otherwise theyve won and youve lost. I was hated by many people because I was considered to be one of the wealthy "spoiled" kids. But DAMN I was certianly more mature than half of the skater punk kids who constantly vandalized as much of my crap as they could. I had my first car scratched to HELL with keys and knives Junior year. BUT!! hehehheh the school officer saw the kids and so did I because I was about to go to lunch. Got them busted and got a new car too!!!! ok that was off topic...but really, just stick with it trust me. I am serious too.

Also humans are social beings...what would happen if you lived alone with no contact with ANY other humans whatsoever (that means no Intrawebnet, TV anything!) I think theyve tested this before but we talked about it in history and I think they mentioned that most humans kill themselves after a couple months. Humans are social beings...so go and socialize...it feels great to meet new peope (espically nice looking girls! ;) )

09-11-2003, 03:46 PM
I recommend staying in school, you'll learn much more in school than sitting at a computer desk and you'll take the information in better at school.