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09-11-2003, 02:41 AM
Hey guys want to come back with a bang. heres the matrix spoof i promised you guys like...4 years ago

"The Matrix has you...not really" A White Dragon movie spoof

*Police bust down a door*


Trinity: Just give me one more second. im on hole 18.

Police man: Is that internet golf?

*Agent Smith arrives on the scean*

Agent Smith: Lieutenant your were given spicifict orders.

Lieutenant: I think we can handle one little girl.

Agent Smith: No Lieutenant your men are getting their asses kicked. If its one thing that i know its never underestimate a woman.

White Dragon: An't it the truth

*Trinity kicks the Police's ass*

Trinity: Morpheus the line was traced i dont know how.


Trinity: Phone i need a phone.

Morpheus: Oh yeah theres one at Wells and Lake.

*Agent appears*

Trinity: WOAH! Agent!

Agent: SUE HER!!

*Big chase happens and Trinity goes through a window to escape*

Trinity: Its times like these where i wish i had just taken the stairs.

*Trinity plays chicken with a truck and gets the hell out a dodge. scean goes to Neo*

Computer: Hello? is this thing on. Wake up Neo.

Neo: Huh my computers talking to me *looks at blunt* this is some good stuff.

Computer: No just the follow the rabbit.

Neo: Forget it im not dropping down a hole so i can go to a land with no video games.

Computer: Please.

Neo: No.

Computer: Go on. ill buy you a puppy.

Neo: well...no.

Computer: Knock knock Neo.

*Knock on the door*

Neo: I SAID NO!!

Choi: Ok but do you have my stuff?


*Neo goes to a night club..of sorts*

Neo: Its kinda loud in here

Trinity: Hello eggburt.

Neo: I said that my name was Neo and eggburt was a joke.

Trinity: ....Their watching you Neo.

Neo: Oh no the evil space penguins have found me. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

Trinity: If hes the one then Cypher is working for the Agents.

*Neo is late for work *

Neos boss: You are late.

Neo: But i have an excuse. I was fortifying my apartment for the comeing of the evil space penguins.

Neos boss:....Ok.

*Neos boss gets out a book and writes in it*

Neos boss: "Anderson. late. excuse: on drugs."

*Neo gets a fed ex package and opens it and finds a phone and then it rings*

Neo: Hello?

Morpheus: Hello Neo do you know who this is?

Neo: God!?

Morpheus: Um no sorry. this is Morpheus. their coming for you Neo.

Neo: The space penguins?

Morpheus: Uh no not exactly. their Agents.

Neo: Agents of the dreaded pengu leader of all space penguins!

Morpheus: Hold on...Tank is this the right number..ok. Neo get out of there.

*Neo gets into an office*

Morpheus: Ok now you need to walk accross the edge of the building to a scaffold. bye.

Neo: Wait thats all your going to tell me?

Morpheus: No. dont fall.

Neo: Screw that.

*Neo gets captured*

Agent Smith: As you can see weve had our eye on you for some time Mr. Anderson.

Neo: Im sure.

Agent Smith : You go by the hacker alias eggburt.

Neo: My name is Neo.

Agent Smith: Well thats not what all your computer geek friends tell us.

Neo: I told them that eggburt was a joke.

Agent Smith: Well who can take you seriously when you think that there are space penguins comeing to take over earth.

Neo: There arent really space penguins.

Agent Smith: No.

Neo: Thats the last time i listen to my horascope.

Agent Smith: Ill let you become an honorary anti-computer geek if you get me Morpheus.

Neo: You suck.

Agent Smith: Well you brought the creepy thing on yourself.

*Neo gets a creepy thing stuck in him and wakes up from a dream*

Neo: eeeeeeeeeek!

*Phone rings*

Morpheus: Man you scream like a little girl.

Neo: Shut up.

Morpheus: Theres a car in the ally get in it.

*Neo goes to the ally and the car isent there*

Neo: Where is it.

*A car comes out of nowhere and hits Neo*

Trinity: NICE DRIVEING Apoc!!

*Neo gets in the car and Switch pulls a gun on him*

Neo: Whats this.

Trinity: Its for our protection from you.

*Dramatic thunder*

Neo: I just got hit by a car how am i going to endanger you?

Switch: Listen its eather our way or the highway.

Neo: See ya.

*Neo gets out*

Switch: Stop the car.

Trinity: Mabey you should check that were stoped before you get out.

Neo: Shut up.

Trinity: Please Neo you have to trust me.

Neo: Why?

Trinity: Because youve been down that road.

Neo: Oh yeah thats where they have all the gay bars. i always get hit on down there. ok lets go

Trinity: Thats not exactly what i ment but ok. lie back lift up your shirt.

Neo: Wow cool.

Trinity: Whatever your thinking get it out of your head.

*Trinity gets out the "debugger"*

Trinity: This wont hurt a bit.


*Trinity debugs the bug and they drive to a run down building*

Morpheus: Welcome Neo.

Neo: Hey its Cowboy Curtus from Peewees play house.

Morpheus: ill pretend i dident hear that.

Neo: Ok whatever...Curtus.

Morpheus: Your here because you know something. What you know you cant explane but you feel it, youve felt it your entire life.
somethings wrong with the world you dont know what, but its there. Like a splinter in your mind driveing you mad. Do you know what i am talking about?

Neo: No not really.

*Dramatic thunder*

Morpheus: This is your last chance. You take the blue pill, you wake up in your bed and beleave what you want. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland and i show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.

*Neo takes the blue pill*

*Dramatic thunder*

Morpheus: The blue pill is actually a red pill because we cant afford you to not come with us.

Neo: Ok whatever makes your boat float...Curtus.

Morpheus: Follow me.

Neo: Look at all the doohickeys.

Morpheus: Take a seat.

Neo: He tricked you to?

Trinity: Yup.

Morpheus: The pill you took is part of a trace program its designed to disrupt your input, output carrier program so we can pinpoint your location.

Neo: Ok way too much techno babble.

Morpheus: Techno what?

Neo: Techno babble. You know like Star Trek.

Morpheus: Oh yeah. Techno babble.

Neo: So what dose it mean?

Cypher: Buckel your seatbelt Dorothy cause Kansas is going bye bye.

*Dramatic thunder*

Trinity: That thunder is really getting annoying.

*Neo gets zapped to the future and finds it really depressing*

Morpheus: Welcome to the real world

Neo: gee thanks I...oh my God i fell down a rabbit hole.

*Neo wakes up in a crappy room*

Neo: Not quite what i thought a rabbit hole looked like.

Morpheus: Time to see what the real world looks like.

*Morpheus shows him*

Neo: That sucks well at least we still have DVDs.

Morpheus: Well we did but Switch broke the DVD player.


*Neo gets out*


*Neo pops*

Neo: I cant go back can i?

Morpheus: Well....no not actually.

Neo: Well what now?

Morpheus: Well now we will do secret missions to help out our cause and get chaced by invinciple computer programs call Agents.

Neo: Any advice would be helpful.

Morpheus: Be as the leprachan with the luckey charms running away from the kids. Do not let them touch your luckey charms.

Neo: Come again?

Morpheus" Oh and by the way you are the one.

Neo: The what?

*Tank meets Neo*

Tank: So your the new guy huh. Hot digity. Its about time we got some help because this ship it getting dirty.

Neo: Huh?

Tank: Your the new janitor right?

Neo: No im the one.

Tank: Oh yeah you. Well come on.

*They begin training*

Tank: Lets see...danceing lesson...how to make an omlet in under 2 seconds...how to make money without working.
This is boreing so lets learn how to kick ass HIII YA WAAA HA YA KEEE YA...*ehem* anyway.

Neo: Wow im going to learn karate.

*he learns karate. "now if only they had this stuff back in high school"*

*Morpheus comes in*

Morpheus: How is he.

Tank: Well he complained for awhile but i hit him with a hammer and now hes ok.

Neo: Ouch my head. I know kung fu.

Morpheus: Show me.

Neo: Can i go to the bathroom first?

Morpheus: Hold it.

*They go to the sparring program*

Morpheus: This is a sparring program...um thats all. So hit me if you can.

Neo: You cant take my croutching tiger?

Morpheus: Well i can over power it with my crain peck.

*Mouse tells the gang that Morpheus is fighting Neo*

Mouse: Morpheus is fighting Neo.

*I just said that*

Neo: Can you take my drunken monkey?

Morpheus: Well that cant stop my over powering flashy ninja...twirl thing.

Neo: Fine then i shall have to use the ultimate attack. The sissy slap!!

Morpheus: Impressive.

*They start to fight...badly*

Neo: Ouch dont hit to hard.

Morpheus: My allergys cant take this.

Trinity: This is really...pathetic.

*You said it sister*

Morpheus: How did i beat you?

Neo: Its rigged.

Morpheus: No its because your a whuss

Neo: Do you think you could have waterd that remark down abit?

Morpheus: *Wispering* Your a whuss.

Neo: Thats not watering it down.

Morpheus: *Wispering* Sorry thats the best i can do little girl.

Neo: You mean mother f_

Morpheus: Tank load the jump program.

Tank: Np.

*whoosh. Suddenly our heros are on the top of a big building*

Morpheus: You have to let it all go Neo. fear. doubt. candy. free your mind.

*Morpheus jumps to the other building with the greatest of ease*

Neo: I can do that.

*Neo on the other hand dosent*

Morpheus: Tisk tisk silly rabbit trix are for kids.

Neo: Kiss my ass Morpheus.

*They get back to the real world "you know the depressing place"*

Neo: ouch cramps. I thought you said it wasent real.

Morpheus: Your mind makes it real.

Neo: Stupid mind.

*Trinity brings Neo some...goop*

Trinity: Awww hes so cute when hes not acting stupid.

Cypher: BOO!!

Trinity: Moron.

Cypher: I dont remember you ever bringing me dinner.

Trinity: WELL WHOOP-DEE ****IN DOO!!

*Somehow were back in the Matrix*

Morpheus: blah blah blah blah.

Neo: oooo pretty girl.

Morpheus: Are you looking at the woman in the red dress

Neo: Uh...no

Morpheus: Why not? Are you gay?

Tank: We gots trouble.

*Squiddy almost gets them but goes off*

Cypher: Make a note to see Agent Smith at the Outback steak house at_

Neo: HI!!!


Neo: I was snooping...whos Agent Smith.

Cypher: Uh a friend..an old collage buddy.

*Cypher sees Agent Smith*

Cypher: I know this steak isent real. I know that when i put it in my mouth my brain will say that it is juicy and delicious.
After 9 years do you know what I realise?...Its fat free.

Agent Smith: Idiot.

Cypher: "I cant beleave its not steak."

*Tank whips up a healthy bowl of...goop*

Tank: There you go. Breakfast of champions.

Neo: .....Champions of what. The special olympics?

Mouse: You know what it reminds me of?...Tasty wheat. Did you ever eat tasty wheat?

Neo: Wasent that the cereal that Ken Griffy Jr. was the mascott for and he would always get in some kind of argument
with some other base ball player. I forget his name. And Griffy would say "I like mine frosted." "But i like mine wheaty"
And then they would start playing base ball for some reason.

All: .......

Tank: ......Actually i think that was wheatys.

Neo: Oh...then no ive never eaten tasty wheat

Trinity: Its amazeing. Every time he opens his mouth something stupid comes out...Man im in love with him.

White Dragon: WOW thats cool. My girlfriend said the same thing.

Mouse: So anyway i wrote the agent program.

Neo: Oh thats nice.

Mouse: You want to have sex?

Neo: WHAT!!

Mouse: ...with the woman in the red dress?

Neo: Oh! (thank you God) well not really.

Apoc: why? are you gay?

Neo: why do people keep asking me that?

Morpheus: Lets go. Im takeing neo to see her.

Neo: Who?

Tank: The orical.

*dramatic thunder*

Trinity: Where the hell is that comeing from?

*que cool camera angles and music. suddenly the gang is in an abandoned building with tailored clothes on*

Neo: Wow this is some cool threads.

Morpheus: Well i like it better that the dress your going to ware in the sequal.

Neo: Huh?

Morpheus: What? did you hear something?

Cypher: Ok now to place the phone where no one can find it.

Neo: How about in this trashcan

Cypher: ......uh thanks.

*they get to the oricals*

Neo: Hello?

Woman: The orical will be with you in a moment.

Neo: cool.

*Neo sees a strange bald kid bend a spoon....WITH HIS MIND. dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun.*

Strange bald kid: Do not try to bend the spoon thats im_

*Neo bends the spoon in half with his hands*

Neo: Pretty cool huh.

Strange bald kid: .....close enough.

Woman: The orical will see you now.

Neo: cool.

Orical: Mmmmm mm i love cookies.

Neo: AHHH its aunt jimima!

Orical: Want a cookie?

Neo: Sure.....wait if there is not spoon then there is no cookie either.

Orical: Your cute. I can see why she likes you.

Neo: Who?

Orical: Not too bright though.

Neo: I get that alot.

Orical: No kidding.

Neo: You werent what i was expecting.

Orical: What were you expecting.

Neo: Another bald kid with a spoon.

Orical: Well I dident tell them to dress like that. You know kids, you tell them that they arent in the real world and they think their an X-man.

Neo: Am i the one?

Orical: No.

Neo: Crap.

Orical: But morpheus beleaves that you are.

Neo: really? Gee that so nice. What a great guy i mean_

Orical: And hes going to die because of it.

Neo: ......****.

White Dragon: Watch your ****ing mouth *******. their could be ****ing kids reading.

Neo: Isent there something in the script about a broken vase.

*Checks script*

Neo: "Neo breaks vase" sounds simple enough

*Neo throws the vase accross the room and hits the orical in the head*

Neo: ....oh damn

*Neo gets out of the oricals place...very fast*

Neo: Morpheus I got some bad news and....some really bad news.

Morpheus: Can i have half of that cookie.

Neo: No.

Voice from inside the apartment: WHO KNOCKED OUT THE PANCAKE LADY!!!!

Neo: Well time to go.

*mouse is looking at girly pictures*

Mouse: I am sooooo lonely.

*they get back to the meeting place, thing, dude, man, guy, coconut*

Cypher: *Big Grin*

Neo: ew here take a mint.

*Cypher takes his cell phone out of the garbage and dials a number*

Cypher: Very funney tank.

Tank: I love this bad breath program.

*Neo sees a black cat...TWICE!!!"

Trinity: ooh those tricky agents.

*Mouse is walking around the room aimlessly*

Tank: ITS A TRAP!!! I always wanted to say that.

Mouse: What should i do.

Tank: uh go out shooting.

Mouse: No its time to use my ultimate power.


Mouse: I have no choice.

*SWAT busts in but suddenly the room fills with smoke*

Mouse: "I want to get hiiiiiiiigh so hiiiiiigh"

SWAT member 1: Can i hit that?

*morpheus and neo try to escape yadda yadda. "get neo out." "we cant leave him." blah blah blah. and finnally the showdown with agent smith and morpheus."

Morpheus: ahh an agent.

Agent Smith: ahh morpheus.

Morpheus: you all look the same to me.

Agent smith: mabey but im cooler.

*Agent smith friggen beats the liven...life out of morpheus. short fight huh?*

*Dramatic thunder*

Trinity: ok this is starting to get annoying.

*Cypher gets back to the real world and takes out a very big gun*

Cypher: Heres your bad breath program *******.


Tank: ACK!!!


Cypher: and you....uh you make bad alcohol.


Neo: What happend

Trinity: Someone screamed like a girl then the line went dead.

Cypher: Hello is this thing on?

Trinity: Wheres tank?

Cypher: I killed him.


Neo: Woah cyphers the trator. Boy I never saw that comeing.

Cypher: Your really pretty. heh heh heh.

Trinity: The masked retard strikes again.

White Dragon: anyway i hate like Cyphers bellyaching.

Tank: Bad Breath or not you peice of **** your still gonna burn.


White Dragon: WOOO HOOOO!!!....so anyway.

*Trinity gets back to the real world*

Trinity: Tank! your hurt!

Tank: Its not bad. hurrrrrrrr ugh.

*Tank passes out*

Neo: Thats almost funney.

*our hero morpheus is traped in the agents grap will he escape, will he reviel zions secrets, will trinity ever bone neo, will my chinese takeout ever get here.
all these answers will be revield...now. yes, no, yes, im optimistic*

Agent Smith: Have you ever stood and stared at it? marvled at its genius?

Morpheus: The Window?

Agent Smith: NO NOT THE WINDOW...grrrr

Morpheus: Someone needs a hug.

Agent Smith: Imbicil...You know that the first matrix was designed to be a perfect world, where no one would suffer, where everyone would be happy. It was a desaster entire crops were lost_

Morpheus: Im sorry I wasent listening would you go back to imbicil?

*Tank gives our heros the bad news*

Tank: We have to kill curtus.

Neo: No I...I cant beleave this is happening. The pancake lady told me this would happen.

Tank: Ha I heard you killed her with a vase.

Neo: Shut up. Im going to get morpheus in a sefless manner so as I can show off my man hood.

Trinity: Can I come.

Neo: No.

Trinity: Too bad im comming anyway.

Neo: She scares me.

*Agent Smith is still talking*

Agent Smith: Ide like to share a revalation that ive had.

Morpheus: Oooh boy.

Agent Smith: It came to me when_

Morpheus: Listen im tierd, beat up, and pumped full of more drugs than Dr. seuse with hay fever. i dont want to listen to you ramble for another hour.

*Neo and Trinity go to the construct*

Tank: What do you need.

Neo: Weed.

Trinity: NEO!!

Neo: Ok ok guns...and mabey some cheese.

*the agents are haveing trouble*

Agent Smith: Why isent the syrum working.

Agent James: (wispering to agent Jones) Should i uh tell him that we accedently got the sarcasm syrum.

Agent Jones: na this is tooo funny.

Agent Smith: Leave him with me.


Agent Smith: Shut up. Im going to be perfectly honest with you.

Morpheus: comeing out of the closet? good for you.


*Neo walks in like a badass*

Security guard: Could you remove all metal items you wareing.

Neo: Ok just no body cavity searches

Trinity: Neo just shoot them!


*.....anyway they get to the elevator and set the bomb*

Neo: There is no cookie

*the entire place is blown to ****. meanwhile not more than a swallows flight away*

Agent Jones: Why are you grabbing his face!

Agent James: Told you he was gay.

Agent Smith: *******s.

*fire extinguishers are turned on*

Agent Smith: Find them and destroy them!

Agent Jones: I just had this suit dry cleaned.

Morpheus: Their always after me luckey charms.

*Trinity and Neo are kicking ass but suddenly an agent appears this dosent look too good for our heros DUN DUN DUNNNNN*

Neo: BANG! BANG! BANG! CLICK! CLICK!...damn sound effects guy!

*Neo dose a crazy bullet time move that will be made fun of in many fan films and parodys (like this one) for years to come*

Agent James: Only human.

Trinity: Dodge uh...dodge DAMMIT I FORGOT MY LINE (sorry leXX couldent resist[anyone who is not leXX ignore this statement])

*Trinity kills the agent in a very cool way*

Trinity: How did you do that?

Neo: Do what?

Trinity: Fall backwards on your ass and miraculously miss the bullets.

Neo: Dont know. Im just luckey i guess.

*Trinity learns how to fly a chopper "cool huh" and they crash the agents party*


Morpheus: ROAR I BREAK THE CHAINS! ow got shot in the foot. neo caught me. trinitys loosin fuel. i fall. hurts like hell. how am i walking?

*Shut up*

Morpheus: Narrators upset.

Trinity: Im falllllliiiiiiing

Neo: I will stop the choper with my super human_Woah **** this things heavy

*Neo saves Trinity "HOORA!"

Morpheus: Now do you beleave Trinity?

Neo: Oh for goodness sakes man im not the bloody_

Morpheus: Dont talk while im talking!

Trinity: Lets make like a columbian drug lord and get out of here before the athoritys break down the door.

*agents get on the empty roof*

Agent Jones: Oh this is good whos going to explain this to the boss

Agent Smith: Their not out yet.

*our heros suddenly dash to a pay phone in a crappy subway*

Morpheus: Ok im out of here.

*Morpheus dissappears*

Trinity: Neo i have to tell you something.

Neo: Its ok i know.

Trinity: You do?

Neo: Yeah...and yes you can use my shower cap

Trinity: Ok im out of here.

Agent Smith: I would like to make a collect call!

Carrot top: Well you can just dial down_

*shoots carrot top*

Agent Smith: That was an evil taunt jackass

Neo: Ah so Agent Smith you have come. i shall avenge my brother and kill you!

Agent Smith: What are you talking about? you dont even have a brother.

Neo: Come on man its drama.

Agent Smith: They wonder why i hate human.

*cool fight ensues....but youve already seen it so i wont descibe it (im lazy)*


*Agent smith gets off the train*

Neo: ....****

Agent Smith: you said it

*back on the ship*

Tank: uh guys there seems to be a problem


Guy on cell phone: So i told him that i liked the french chair better_

Neo: ill take that

Guy on cell phone: ooooo my goodness!


Tank: Ill say

Trinity: TANK!

Tank: Ok go down the street...are you there?

Neo: (on phone) AHHHHHH HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

Tank: Ok now go to the door at the end of the street!

Neo: Holy CRAP AHHH!!!

Tank: Ok doin good uh go up the stairs and_wait my barritos are done.

*back to Neo*

Neo: What the hell the old lady threw a knife at me.

*the squiddys are blowing the crap out of the ship and Neo opens up the door to get to the exit and..*

Agent Smith:...Silly rabbit trix are for kids BANG!

Neo: ow

Trinity: NOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOO. Neo you cant die i love you.

Neo: Really!

*Neo has become...THE ONE (choir sings in the backround)*


Neo: Hey bet you a hundred dollors i can jump inside of you

Agent Smith: what the

*Neo jumps inside him*

Agent Smith: Hey that tickels BOOM!

Agent Jones: I just rememberd i have a former president to kill

Agent James: me too



*On a new glorious summer day*

Neo: h3y J00 ****ER$ 1m Th3 0n3 4nd 1m GoNNA K1cK Y0uR A$$e$ H4 h4 h4!!!!!111111


09-11-2003, 04:48 PM
Wow. This is good, uh.......*looks in his script ;)*........uh yeah, this is really good! :rock:

Can't wait to read the next one! :)

Clemme w/Stick
09-11-2003, 05:15 PM
Nice Spoof.
Its almost as good as your Ep 1 Spoof. Anyways do we get to see a Reloaded spoof?

Oh well, wb Whitedragon :cheers:, and grats on your 1 year anniversary as well.


09-11-2003, 05:21 PM
I've only read until *Neo is late for work*.
I'll save the rest of it for another day.. when I'm not so sleepy...

But it was fun!

09-11-2003, 06:39 PM
Originally posted by Clemme w/Stick
Anyways do we get to see a Reloaded spoof?

Oh well, wb Whitedragon :cheers:, and grats on your 1 year anniversary as well.


well i feel a sort of obligation towards it. ive done one i got to do the other.

thanks for the wb

09-11-2003, 08:57 PM
Welcome back whitedragon!!! :D And as Clemme w/ stick said, congrats on your anniversary!!! :)

Captain Wilson
09-11-2003, 09:49 PM
Now thats funny!
And, as has been said before, concrats on 1 year. as the first spoof took so long, i estimate that the second will take untill 2056. see ya then.
*freezes self*

Father Torque
09-11-2003, 09:58 PM
I thought we were gonna make the script together. Like you were gonna add my stuff too:(

lol, its ok. Great script man. I knew when you told me in you rPM that you were making a new one. I knew it would be awesome:) . I think its better than the lotr one:) . Anywho, how was the wedding? Tell us the story:)

09-11-2003, 11:46 PM
Originally posted by Father Torque
I thought we were gonna make the script together. Like you were gonna add my stuff too:(

i dident know you wanted to help. how about you copy paste and add some stuff you want or think will help(i kindof rushed the end) and email it to me and ill see what i want to keep. ide like that i could make it 10 times better with your help

anyhoo the wedding was on a beach with not too many people there just close friends and family and my beautiful bride stoped me from putting weed in the cake jk.

09-12-2003, 12:06 AM

LMAO! That was great! I love it. Aunt Jemima. LMAO!

09-12-2003, 12:22 AM
Great spoof, now you have to get to work on the matrix reloaded *Groan from whitedragon*

09-12-2003, 07:00 AM
*throws a vase and hits orical in head* aw ****

09-12-2003, 07:39 AM
thats good whitey, very funny :D

and welcome back :)

09-12-2003, 10:14 AM
I havn't read the Parody yet (I will, I promise), but I sure am glad to see you back in the swamp.

But you know that already, don't you? ;)

09-12-2003, 03:56 PM
It's about time Whitedragon!!

I'm glad you're back. You add a certain sense of "tomfoolery" that we can't live without....

Great spoof btw.

Morpheus: Be as the leprachan with the luckey charms running away from the kids. Do not let them touch your luckey charms.


09-12-2003, 06:21 PM
Originally posted by ckcsaber
It's about time Whitedragon!!

I'm glad you're back. You add a certain sense of "tomfoolery" that we can't live without....

tomfoolery...i...i dont know what to say...thanks you guys for the wb excuse me...my eyes itch... :ball:

09-12-2003, 09:12 PM
Um, oh yeah! Forgot one thing in my last: "Welcome back, Dragon." :shades2:

You are my spoofing god! :cool:

09-13-2003, 02:36 AM
Originally posted by whitedragon
tomfoolery...i...i dont know what to say...thanks you guys for the wb excuse me...my eyes itch... :ball:


Yes, tomfoolery. A skill few have gained...

So, what does your wife think of the spoofs?

09-13-2003, 03:05 AM
Originally posted by ckcsaber

Yes, tomfoolery. A skill few have gained...

So, what does your wife think of the spoofs?

she says that one of the main reasons she fell in love with me is because of my sence of humor...so i guess the spoofs dident hurt. seriously though, shes actually the one who tells me "are you going to finish it or should i do it myself" lol.

09-13-2003, 05:03 PM
Originally posted by topshot
Um, oh yeah! Forgot one thing in my last: "Welcome back, Dragon." :shades2:

You are my spoofing god! :cool: amazing, i was just thinking the same thing