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Darth Eggplant
09-12-2003, 04:14 PM
well today in theatres Underworld starts,
I saw the Trailer and thought cool!
it even has a funny shakespearian angle to it,
a blood feud between
the Montiques and the Capulates.
(wolfies and vampies)
anyhow being a movie geek,
i like things like soundtracks;
and being spoilt with the really great music
the Matrix franchises have generated
I bought the Underworld OST and hated it,
hated it so much I took it to an Indie record store
and traded it for a copy of the OST for The Lost Boys.

now I get comments
from all kinds of gothlings these days,
trouble is I am old school goth
and I find new goths and old goths
just dont lie down the same way in the same coffin.
i mean i had the gothic vampirella
at the record store tell me,
well maybe you just are not into goth
or industrial or alt music.
I never say too much I smile.
I was at the record release party for Ministry
when The land of Rape and Honey was first released;
(thats right moshing wildly in purple smoke
from a smoke machine that broke and would not turn off,
also the clubs ventilation system could not handle the smoke,
we all had a great time and ministry kept playing
as if nothing had happened.)
and that was a big departure from
oom pa pa halloween song.
(although nostalgically the song is funny)
I like Ministry and Skinny Puppy
and Sisters Of Mercy and Dead Can Dance,
This Mortal Coil,
I could go on but I rant.

anyhow, I have seen almost every Vamp movie
ever \made even the real bad ones,
like George Hamilton's one.
the campy ones, the cool ones;
I've seen "shadow of the Vampire"
both John Malovitz and Willem Dafoe
they were both great!
and Gary Oldman, Tom Waits & Richard E Grant;
plus cool music for Dracua.
The part of Bella Lugosi in Ed Woods
by Martin Landau was god like
and earned him an osscar for of all things
cursing in a carpathian accent.

well the point is
Blade had a good song
at the vampire blood bath rave,
the rest I did not like.
Spawn had a kick ass OST!
and the coolest OST
was for a game called
Vampire The Masquerade Redemtion
that OST rocks!
it was sppoky music scored by
Kevin Manthei (invader zim fame)
and great songs like
Bad Blood by Ministry
and Creepy Green Light
by Type O Negative.
I think maybe at his website
you still might be able to buy Vampire.
I just found 2 unrealeased tracks yesterday.

anyhow post is getting long.
I still hope movie is good,
but music is so important these days,
the music was okay, but just that okay,
not cool and not nearly viceral enough.

anyhow my little gothlings,
sing your songs of darkness
and the night here.
we can all share a bowl
of Count Coco Fang cerial together.

also before I forget
a music compilation called
Covered in Goth\
Vampires Straight To Hell
exists its worth owning;
with covers of classics like
Highway To Hell
Metallica's Nothing Else matters
and Prince\Shiela E song;
You've Got The Look.

09-12-2003, 05:43 PM
Hmmm, I wanna see Underworld, but I'm reserving judgement until after I do.
Trailer looks cool, but I've seen too many cack vampire movies to know better.

Now to me, old school starts and ends with the Sisters, but I'm very limited in my Goth ;)

It's got a stong Brit cast, so my hopes are high, but we'll see...