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09-16-2003, 03:40 AM
Information: Lately, born from my adsence of the site, came a great hunger for the MMX titles, after beating each one by one, then XZero, And X Zero 2, I thought It would be fun to make a role play, with our own mavericks and Reploid characters >_>.

Story: The year is 400X, The legendary Reploid's X and Zero are long gone now, but not forgotten.
Humans and Reploids now live together in violent free communities, and helpful nations.

Until a rebirth was created by a human known as Dr. Disgos, who brought back one of the most terrifying villians from that world's past,
The Maverick Leader, Sigma.
After his rebirth, and new found strength, sigma killed his regenerator, and then looked through file data bases.
In that time, now being able to access time, Sigma found the perfect ally, the copy of X, the perfect Copy of X, with one dream..
To destroy all reploids.

Sigma has brought back the evil copy of X, and the city's started to fall one by one to their order.

Now, becomming all powerful, it seems X wanted something more of a challenge, and revived The two Legendary Soldier's, Zero and X.

Both in different area's, not even knowing that either one is alive, must find their way to each other, and stop sigma before it's too late.

But don't forget the strong reploids of our time, those who may stand a chance, but havn't had the chance to fight sigma nor X.

We need an Evil X, a Sigma, Zero, and for a twist, some characters from the megaman series.

You can also be your own character for this as well, just put down the name, creator, job, weapons, etc.

My Character_
A reploid created 4 Million years into the past, the time the first prototype to Megaman was created.
ProtoMan is X's brother of this time,
He will go by the name of Protoman X now, but his memory data is the same as it has always been, and his long hard search to fight his brother will soon end.
(Protoman being megamans brother >_>)
Creator-Dr. Weily
Weapons-Proto Buster, and aqua blade.
As well as absorber's to take information to make himself better, like the other reploid soldiers.

09-17-2003, 10:04 AM
I'd make a pretty good Evil X. I've got that "more naive than X" attitude most of the time.

Character: Evil X

Nearly 100 years have passed since the original Mega Man X passed away. With the original X deceased and Zero gone into hybernation, the Earth needed a new hero. This hero was supposed to be the perfect copy of the X that defeated Sigma back in the Reploid Wars. The copy, reproduced by the scientist known as Ciel, was supposed to have been the protector of humans and reploids alike. Because times have changed, countless numbers of innocent Reploids have been massacred by the X copy.

Far too naive for his own good, the copy met its superior and was finally destroyed by the revived and original Zero. The copy remained dead. That is, until now.

Creator: Ciel

Weapons: X Buster and Grand Fire, as well as data-absorbing capabilities, although they are weak until later.

09-18-2003, 12:05 AM
I'm not too familliar with the tecknical mega man stuff, but I've alwayse liked mega man, I just get boared of the games before coming close to beating them.

So I'll join in and you can help me out with whatever I miss.

By the way, I made a mega man rpg once, it was really great for a while but I duno it just dropped and I lost interest, hope this one works out well. And top shot was in my old one too.

So here's my character:

Name: White Hawk
Creator: Sigma
Weapons: Shoots electrified feathers like throwing knives shooting out from his wings, feathers grow back but not instantly. Has to taser blades, electrical energy formed in blades which extend from the top of his wrists, they have a range of two feet.
Gear: Wings/Jetpack, energy tracking system, battery pack which absorbs electricity to increase power.

some info:
White Hawk was created as one of Sigma's minions but the crewel treatment of the humans compelled him to rebell. He now builds his own rebellion force in hidden underground labs using what knowledge he learned from watching Sigma before he defected. The human scientists help him build his forces but the resorces are few and most of the humans have been killed or enslaved or whatever Sigma does. There are to few to have a significant impact, but with X and Zero's help it may become possible.

And I'm wondering if I can create a villan character too?

09-18-2003, 05:17 AM
I shall be the great warrior of the past, ZERO

After being revitelized, Zero awoke to a peaceful community as millions of throughts ran through his head, he knew th only reason why he's back....sigma has returned, thinking of all enemies passed away by his sabre zero knew he would then have to take up his sword once more, to vanquish his foes. Thus, the saga continues

Zero was the mega powerful maverick/maverick hunter has encountered many foes before, but this......is his worst nightmare, but this time, X is with him Thus continuing the legend of the most powerful maverick gone good

Creator: Wiley
Resorrector: Ceil

Weapons, strike chain, double Z Buster, triple rod, 4 Z sabres, and improvements gotten later on.

09-20-2003, 04:37 PM
OOC: Man, we need some more people :@
But it wouldn't hurt to start with just us, so someone couldstart any time now.

09-20-2003, 05:48 PM
Zero burst down the door of the lab from wich he was resserected once again, he grabbed a scientist and yelled "WHY HAVE YOU AWOKEN ME?! the scientist just sighed, "Sigma and pirate x are back." Zero's expression quickly changed from anger to shock as he heard these words, "Give me my weapons, this time.... i'll make sure they stay dead." yelled zero, the scientist yelled back from fear and shock "ARE YOU INSANE?!?! YOU'VE ONLY BEEN AWAKENED A MINET AGO! WE HAVE NO TIME RIGHT NOW, WE'RE WORKING ON MAKING THE WEAPONS BETTER!" "fine" zero said, "but tell me as soon as you're done, i'll be in the training room." with that zero walks into another room.

09-20-2003, 10:01 PM
Far North, to a very ancient battle ground known once as Chill Penguin's base, lay's an information pod somewhere deep in the snowy clutches of the mountain.

"Further more..." Say's a shadow, escalating the hill, as another follows.

"You will stop where you are!" A reploid security team walks out, with their machine guns aimed.

"Bass.., please rid of these innocent fools." With that said, the shadow makes his way into the light, and the once lost robot of protoman, now rebuilt to reach to factors of a reploid, stands out.
"Yes, X." Bass, an original bot like protoman and x, walks out with his Buster aimed at the soldiers, then charging up, he blows a crater into the wall of the mountain, letting the soldiers fall with the rubble.

Protoman, then continues his way into a cave, and up a latter.
"Here it is bass, this is exactly what we are looking for..long ago my brother used this to increase some sort of armour, or weaponry to better his existance, the information should still be on it."
As protoman steps forward, a blast ignites from the cieling, smashing into the ground 2 feet away from them.
Protoman orders Bass to take out whoever did this, but as soon as bass steps up, A blast smashes him into the ground.

"That's far enough, Protoman... I know much about you, and your existance, for the files stored on you, were dilerbretly installed into my mainframe."

The figure leaps his way to the ground, aiming his buster at him.
"They call me, Zero X..."

To be continued...

09-21-2003, 12:01 AM
The pirated copy of X sits on his throne, emotionless, waiting for information on the recent developments of Sigma's plans. He finally called for one of his servants, Shadow, whom he himself resurrected without Sigma even knowing.

"It's been a long time since that fateful day," quoted X,"hasn't it, Shadow?"

"Yes, my lord," Shadow replied, softly,"It has been a long time since that legendary reploid defeated us and destroyed Neo Arcadia. That very day when I tried to stop him from coming any nearer to the royal throne room........and failed........"

"Yes," X said,"I knew of that. And those very words that threatened my glorious rule....."


Zero: "Too weak......"

Zero:"Was the original X this weak?"

Evil X:"Wha-what?!"

Zero:"I may not have my memory back, but my body seems to remember that the original X was even mightier than you."

".......those very words which made me burn my processor chips......"

Evil X:"Silence! Now you will feel my true power! HAAAAAAAAAAA!"

*After the battle*

Evil X:"How could this be? I was......supposed to be.....a hero......."

Zero:"I've just remembered something. He was not as naive as you are. That's what made him a hero........."

"........those were the words he spoke."


"Yes. Those words were what he had spoken before I was destroyed, along with Neo Arcadia. Now that Sigma, the legendary maverick who opposed those hunter scum, has come back and revived me, we have a second chance of turning Zero into spare parts."

"So true, my master," replied Shadow, calmly,"Oh so very true......."

09-21-2003, 05:03 AM
"You look suprised..." Taunted Zero, "No, no..it's just that my data predicted you to come at a later date."Purposly, Protoman drops his whithered robe to the ground, revealing his newly built armour. "You see, data was programed into me by Dr.Cain, when I awoke, all the files came to me like a memory, of the day before.
Now everything is becomming crystal clear, I just hope the data collected is accurate."
A red line from protoman's helmet alligns with Zero's, giving an output.

Zero X
Creator=Dr. Cain/Ciel.
Information was collected by both X and Zero, to complete an additional input of power and skill.
As time progressed, the information was recoreded, at a given time, a young scientist known as Ciel embarked on a started project, and information.
Zero X was completed after the war against the mavericks, and evil X.

"It seems everything is in order then." Protoman, with a grin raises his buster to the figure, and charges up/releasing the blast.

In a flash, Zero was gone, and re-appeared behind him, swiftly kicking at him.
But protoman could not be fooled, at this given time, he turned swiftly, and accuratly threw his on-comming foot, the other way, sending zero into the ground with force.

"I, unlike you, have experiance."
With this said, protoman steps onto the platform, obtaining the last of his armour/ a newly added speed.

"Now I can dash like my brother, heh-heh-heh...Now to finish up my data collection." Protoman turns to zero, with his hand directing at zero's buster to absorb his speacalties.

But, just then, fire blasts pound upon protoman, and he takes off quickly, following behind him Is His ruthless partner/Evil Bass.

Evil Bass
Uncovered during an excavation by Ciel, he was brought to at the same time protoman was, and had the same egar motivation/to hunt and destroy megaman.
But the megaman of his time was destroyed, and a new one built, a back up designed for little battle structure, who became one of the greatest warriors.

Bass and Protoman manage to escape, as the soldiers who rained fire upon them, help zero to his feet.

"I hope the real zero and X could do better then I..." With that siging breviation, zero turns away and walks the opposite direction.

Now, Protoman and Bass make their way across the world, and into a city were it rumoured that X lays, but it isn't the X they're thinking of...

To be continued...

09-21-2003, 11:40 PM
Dark rain clouds shadow a bright full moon. The land is as if there is a signe shadow engulfing the entire world. And in a sence it is so. For the shadow of darkness sweeps across city and country laying waste to all in it's path.

Rain starts to fall, little rays of light stream through breaks in the cloud. And a few rays of hope slip through the shadows.

From his pearch White Hawk watches like a gargoyle, he sit's like a stone statue, his eyes ever watching the destruction below...for the right timing.

Bright flashes from below leap forth from below and are gone as quickly as they came. Back and forth the light below strikes like a tiger's fangs. Until at last it seems to stop and a battle that raged is over. But never over.

Now that the main battle has subsided scuring armoured humans and reptoids run around in scattered feats, like a mirror's shatter shards of glass, they clatter to the ground and fall away.

The humans stand no chance, they never did. Far weaker in body and weaponry. They outnumber the Reptoids at least five to one, but there are never enough. Now there are so few. At the begining they had gathered a fair force. But a few moments of battle and the superiority of the Reptoids turn the humans to nothing more than feeting sheep. Running from the wolves as if they acctually think they can escape.

It is hopeless, why am I bothering, should I just give up? Surrender? What's the use in fighting a hopeless cuase?

Below me I hear a scream. A terrified human being attacked, and brutally slaughtered. And I know. I must fight. I can't just let them die. As hopeless a cause as it may be, there is alwayse hope. Let the little ray turn into daylight. Let the shadow subside and the sun rise.

I can wait no longer, I can not standby while others suffer. I will give my life for these humans, because I must.

I drop from my pearch and land in a crouch on the ground, scarred and balckened from war. My glowing blue eyes highlight my helmet's eye's as I look into the eyes of my foe.

My foe is a snarling beast, it's teeth drip with fresh blood. Claws extend from it's metalic limbs and it rises to it's full hieght. The beast of a machine is almost twice my size, but I do not fear him. He is weak and foolish, I can see it in my eyes. They do not fear what they do not know to fear. But they will. If only a short time before I exterminate them, they will fear me.

He charges at me, his legs dig into the paved road beneath his feat like it were soft soil. I can see his eagerness for death in his snarl and growl. His eyes glow death. But it will be his own death for he greatly underestimates me.

As his weight lunges forwards to plow into me with crushing force, my light agile body flips gracefully over him and he lumbers into a wall. With his thick limbs he pulls and rips himself free from the hole in the wall his own carelessness created. He wirles around blood flining from his vengeful fangs. But I am gone.

He jerks his head side to side, wondering where I am. Never does it occur to him that I am above him. He feels my weight on his shoulders too late. His body crashes to the ground like a mighty oak, and I stand triumphant with his head in my hand, glowing wires dangle from his neck and the light in his eyes fades. A glowing blue blade retreats back into my arm.

I toss the head asside, I must return to the fighting and save as many humans as I can, if this campaigne against Sigma is to have any success. It must start here. It must start now...

09-22-2003, 12:14 AM
Alright, I've realised that we are going to have battles/p2p/ in this rpg.
So I've noted it down to Two easy options.

Type fighting= You type fight like -kicks him in the face/reversing to the ground-
The limits are as is.
7 words for an attack, 6 for a connection, and 7 for a dodge.

Or, you can both discuss other fighting limits.
This style of P2P fighting should be done either on an IM like msn or AIM, or the jediknightii.net's chat.

The other style, could be done using the battle system.

The winner, must copy and paste the battle in his post before continuing.

Uh, put your emails here, or whatever so you can battle when we get to that point.

Anyways, enjoy.

09-22-2003, 09:37 PM
I was thinking for fighting we just do one attack, and then a move, or the other way around. Example:

White Hawk rushes at Red Raven and leaps forwards, both taser blades extended at his foe.

But you can only write the results of the attack if you don't move.

White Hawk slashed Red Raven in the knee with one taser blade and the leg with the other, carving through Red Raven's armour and drawing blood.

And to counter attack:

Red Raven ducked with his energy sword extended into the air as White Hawk sored overhead.

The move being he ducked, the attack being extending his sword. Am I being clear at all? Making sense? The whole battle system just isn't the same, and I also have never battled before and have no Idea how to, and don't really care to.

So I'dd say just two actions per combat turn. A move and an attack, an attack and a move, two attacks, or two moves.

is that simple enough?

09-29-2003, 05:41 AM
Yeah. Simple and easily understandable. It'll work. ;)

09-29-2003, 06:44 PM
kool, sorry, i am busy with alot of work stuff

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I shall be the ultimate hero X I find myself at a construction site and I am wandering if I am alive I see a door and I enter

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Well I didant know it was dead but it yeah would be cool to get it back up you are right I am a fan of megaman it is so cool.

03-08-2004, 06:03 PM
Well Let's start it back up, :) I'm down with that, I just need to go through it all to find out where we left off lol.

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Well mandalorians part is not realy that big so I think we can go on without him.

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I wanna know the same thing.

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I'm just so fustrated how every time I try to have conversations people seem to feel that I'm self rightious and blablabla....mabee I am. Well I never got a warning or anything so I was really surprised. Anyway I think I'll stick with RPing.

Ya so I'm back again and we can continue the RPing.

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Originally posted by Mandalorian54
Whooo hoooo.....I'm happy and sad at the same time....it's strange.

I'm just so fustrated how every time I try to have conversations people seem to feel that I'm self rightious and blablabla....mabee I am. Well I never got a warning or anything so I was really surprised. Anyway I think I'll stick with RPing.

Ya so I'm back again and we can continue the RPing.

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Originally posted by Redwing
((He was temp banned for a culmination of...not really flaming, but insulting. He's unbanned now, actually :)))

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Originally posted by topshot
Maybe you didn't read Red's post, Luke. Here it is again. Yes I did read it but before red posted I thought he was per banned.

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Yes I did read it but before red posted I thought he was per banned.

Yeah, I thought he was, too. Guess I was wrong.

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Yes, so now we can start a new mega man role play. I would sujest a new thread.