View Full Version : Anyone here order from Amazon?

09-17-2003, 01:05 AM
I did and the site says that it wont ship till like the 20th, anyone else having it shipped so late?

09-17-2003, 01:10 AM
Same here, I chose the free shipping and ordered it with a couple import CD's so I probably won't be seeing the game until the end of the month.

09-17-2003, 01:10 AM
Last I checked the site they had removed the pre-order status for the game, and 2 people were listed as auctioning new copies.

Maybe I'm just seeing things....

09-17-2003, 01:11 AM
same here, but even on the web site it says "usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks"!!!! where do they get that! did they not get any in?

edit: i just checked again and now they say that it ships in 24 hours...okay, feeling a little better now :jawa