View Full Version : g_saberDamageScale

09-17-2003, 05:39 AM
I've tried setting this parameter in the demo to adjust damage inflicted by sabers, but it gets ignored. The console doesn't report a value after I set it... I suppose that means it is not a parameter used by the game?

Anyone know what the JA equivalent to this variable is?


09-17-2003, 12:52 PM
If you are using this in MP you probably need to do something like:

set g_saberdamagescale 2

09-17-2003, 01:11 PM
Just g_saberDamageScale VALUEHERE works for me.

Oh and by the way, saber damage in MP is kinda wussy, set damage scale to 1.6, that appears to be nice and balanced, although I haven't had much time to *really* test it out as I have just been playing it on a friend's computer. Waiting for pay day... :\

09-17-2003, 01:47 PM
Wussy? What gametypes have you tried? I heard that the damage is different for different gametypes...

09-17-2003, 02:01 PM
According to Raven it's higher in CTF and FFA than it is in Duel.