View Full Version : 19 September - released in all countries?

Master William
09-17-2003, 02:48 PM
I saw that the game is going to be released in some places at certain dates, and I heard once it was 16 for some places, 17 for others, 18 for others, and 19 for others.

I called the EB GAMES/TRADITION store here, and the dude that answers says that it will be 2 weeks delayed (the game shipment)

But atleast in other stores, is it perfectly safe to say that anyone can get their dirty hands on Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy?

Please reply, and have a nice day, because I am not...

09-17-2003, 03:07 PM
Sept 17th (today) = USA
Sept 19th (this Friday) = Everywhere else.

That is not to say some people in some countries might get it sooner than others, but those are the official release dates from LA.

Word is that stores that release a game before the official date in their country can get slapped with heavy fines. So they're taking a risk if they give it to you sooner.

That's not to say that pre-orders are illegal. Pre-order people in the US (the lucky ones) got it 1 day early. The same may be true of pre-orders in other countries.

And of course in Canada we know that at least one store in Toronto was selling the game on the 16th, and I know of one store in Illinois (near where I live in neighboring Iowa) that was selling the game last night (they had very few copies though).