View Full Version : My review of the first 1/3 of the game *Spoilers* DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU MEAN IT

09-18-2003, 02:19 AM
Just got the game, here are some highlights.

The Corelia mission kicks ass. It's got the whole Under Seige II vibe, and that's cool. Kyle dogfights Mercenary ships above you while you take on soldiers and cultists, all while screaming along at insane speeds.

There's one mission where you don't fight ANYONE, and yet it kicks major ass. Think creatures from Dune...

Lots of little EU references. Luke sends Corran Horn to do some cult investigating. The mission on Byss isn't on the planet, but rather Imperial outposts in the Byss system.

Other cool moments involve the Kyle Jaden relationship. Like Kyle telling him stories about him and Jan, and Kyle gloating on one mission that he FINALLY gets to stay in the Raven's Claw and someone else has to do the dirty work. Luke goes off to Dagobah to kick some ass because the cultists discover that's where Luke went to get trained from Echo base's computers(they're sucking up the force from everywhere).

Alora, the new villianess is a little *****, even worse than Tavion.

Tavion is back, you can see her from a distance in the very first level. You hear her voice too.