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Do you know anything about those planets?

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Do you know anything about those planets?

a planet located in the Deep Core that is incredibly strong with the Dark Side of The Force. Originally used as a private retreat for the Emperor Palpatine, it was touted as a paradise. Much of its surface was covered with tranquil lakes, and it was lit with an unusual blue-green sunlight. Thus, Palpatine was able to get millions of people to voluntarily bring their life energies to the planet. Once they were there, Palpatine enslaved them by using the Dark Side of the Force, feeding the growing evil that existed on the planet. He then built it into a model of a society that was ruled by the Dark Side. The reborn Emperor used the planet as his stronghold for his cloning activities, and for the source of his power during his resurrection. It had a normal day of 31 standard hours, and a year which lasts 207 local days. Byss was destroyed when the New Republic launched an assault on the Emperor's stronghold, shortly after the destruction of Da Soocha V. In the midst of the attack, the Emperor ordered his fleets back to Byss to protect it. Unfortunately, the Eclispe II emerged from hyperspace too close to the Galaxy Gun and rammed the superweapon, cleaving it in two. The crew of the Galaxy Gun attemtped to fire one of its missile, but their targetting systems failed and the missile struck Byss. In a cataclysmic explosion, Byss tore itself apart, wiping out the entire Imperial fleet.

a planet which Darth Vader used as his private retreat during the height of the New Order. He built Bast Castle there, and kept Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber in a protected alcove hidden inside. The lightsaber was later recovered by Tionne, Master Ikrit, and Uldir.

all info from The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia (http://www1.theforce.net/CUSWE/default.asp)