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09-19-2003, 12:38 AM
I have noticed I cannot bind things to my key pad or else it takes place of my weapon slots. In Jedi Outcast I had all my #'s above the letters assigned to weapons, and my keypad or "numpad" assigned to various force powers. I can no longer do this, for instance i have saber as #1, and grip as key pad End or numpad 1. When I tried doing grip my saber holstered, at first I thought maybe I binded wrong but on second look and retrying the binds I see keypad 1 and the #1 above the letters are the same. A very inconveniate happening.

I also came up with a list of things I, and many friends would like to see:
1.) Take away the force costs for special moves such as the Red Jump attack A.K.A DFA, and the rolling stab. These moves shouldnt cost force, or at least not 25% of your force.

2.)Please bring kick back like it was in Jedi Outcast, a sabers only CTF game is near impossible w/o it. Kick was a set up move, allowing you to kick your opponant down and follow up with a heavy swing or DFA enabling you to kill in 1 hit. Right now, as it stands, all you got to do is keep team healing your FC and its a never ending game of grab @ss. Not only was kick a set up move but on maps like Bespin, a good flag defender was able to kick people off ledges etc. Now once a person steals your flag you gotta wait by their capture point to be able to return due to the lack in abilities to neutralize escaping opponants.

3.) Rage+DFA doesnt work anymore like it used to in Outcast, a good player would be able to rage+ speed and chase the Flag carrier down and kill him pretty quickly. Now its basically worthless.

The first day Outcast came out the amount of servers I saw were in the 600+. Now im only seeing about 40 servers. This alone should be a sign that things that were changed/taken out, shouldnt have been.
My clan mates, friends and other clans we play with often are waiting on a team that creates mods, the same people who brought you =X= Mod, that will put the following back into the game. Last I heard though they were going to wait to see where Raven goes with this game before they start their project which could take months.

Im only trying to help make this an enjoyable game for the majority. I know not EVERYONE can be happy, but I know for a fact that the majority of the people who stayed with Outcast are kinda disapointed with how Academy turned out.