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09-19-2003, 02:51 AM
The only way I got the g_saberMoreRealistic to change was to change it in the jaconfig.cfg. No console command would be accepted (write protected).

This is now in my jaconfig.cfg:

seta g_dismember "100"
seta g_dismemberprobabilities "1"
seta g_saberMoreRealistic "3"

That gives little bits everywhere. It does bump up the saber damage by a far margin, yours and the bad guys. One false move and YOUR head comes off. g_sabermorerealistic 1 and 2 work, but to a lesser degree.

Type in g_sabermorerealistic in the console to double check it's value. Sometimes the engine switches it back to 0. I had to devmap *mapname* to get it to stay as 3. After that, it seemed to stay. But loading a normal game sets it back to 0.

So, it's still a little quirky. But I finally got storm trooper pieces!

09-19-2003, 03:13 AM
hmm when i try to use this it just overwrites the jaconfig.cfg file everytime i run the game..

is this just for the multiplayer?

09-19-2003, 03:24 AM
good advice but when i do a search to find text in my jaconfig file thier is no
seta g_dismember "100"
seta g_dismemberprobabilities "1"
seta g_saberMoreRealistic "3"

only thing in thier is seta g_dismemberment "3"
so did you just past them in thier, which i did and well like the other guy said it was just rewrote over. In other words not saving. Ive been kind of avoiding playing this game until we fiqure something out, because the saber needs to do the damage it was created too.

And yes i am a proud owner of a retail version of this product. paid 54.95 us for it and love it, so far.

09-19-2003, 05:02 AM
ne idea?
cause this aint workin..... can you copy paste your cfg file and please explain exactly how you got it to work?

09-19-2003, 05:16 AM
You PUT those three lines in your config file. Replace whatever setting may already be there for g_saberMoreRealistic.

Start the game.

Open console.

Type: devmap *mapname* (hoth2, kor1, vjun2, etc)

Type: g_sabermorerealistic

Should return: g_sabermorerealistic "3" default: "0" (maybe "3")

If so, good to go, chop away.

The game engine loves to set it back, under all sorts of conditions, it's really frustrating. Which is why you have to devmap to launch the map you want to play. I have reset the cfg file 10 times tonight. Almost like they REALLY don't want you using it eh?

09-19-2003, 05:25 AM
What would happen if you editted the cfg and then made it read-only before starting the game?

09-19-2003, 05:37 AM
I got it to work but its a pain in the ass you have to load each map via the console.....
theres got to be a way to stop it from overriding or set it as default to 3....

09-19-2003, 06:18 AM
You don't have to load every map. I found it stays if you load from console, then follow the game from there. You can't load older save games though. Only quick loads.

It also makes enemy sabers REAL powerful. If they so much as touch you (not even swinging), you will likely die. I'm gonna try counteracting with the saber damage variable, but I got a feeling that might kill the dismemberment. I think dismemberment is just a part of the game engine, the 10x increase to saber damage just makes everything "overkill" and chops into bits.

09-19-2003, 02:43 PM
Is the dismemberment preset that you can only lob of these peices, or is it open and based on saber location. Life if I hit a StormTrooper in a downward diagonal thrust (ala Anikin to the 3rd sandperson he killed), will it dismember a diagonal slab?

09-19-2003, 06:27 PM
I think there are only so many discrete "sever" sections. If you slice high and to the side, his head will come off. Mid-section, you will get him at the waist. Then there are hands, arms, and legs.

09-19-2003, 07:22 PM
Nice job guys, I'm going to go try this and repost it in the "not enough customization... full version.." thread if it works!

09-19-2003, 10:50 PM
sweet i got it working! it even works on the wampa lol, gonna try it on the rancor now

09-20-2003, 12:39 AM
Update: doesn't seem to work for me.. ; p

I tried making a cfg file with the commands in it and execing it in a SP game I had loaded (after using DEVMAPALL to turn on cheats).

I got the "write protected" message and nothing changed.


09-20-2003, 12:43 AM
In the Demo there was in the Setup an option to turn Dismemberment On/Off, is it in the Full Game ?

If it is you might need to turn it on ?

09-20-2003, 12:44 AM
Anarkey's options do work, but you need to do something in tandem with 'em. Go to this thread. :) http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=111853

09-20-2003, 01:33 AM
It worked for me. and it doesn't overwrite it, just moved it to the top of the seta section. the only thing I did different was to create a shortcut to the sp exe file and added helpusobi 1:

Target of shortcut ..\GameData\jasp.exe" HelpUsObi 1

I dont know if the "HelpUsObi 1" is needed but it works

09-20-2003, 01:41 AM
I can get full dismemberment all the time fine in MP.

My problem is SP. It rarely happens and when it does, it's almost always just a hand or arm (or leg) cut off.

The "model dismemberment" option in the menu merely toggles it off or on (with the minimal dismemberment randomness I mentioned above).

Wes Janson
09-20-2003, 03:00 AM
Cool. I'll have to give this a try.

09-20-2003, 03:28 AM
in JO the code was

[case sensitive]
g_SaberRealisticCombat 0 to 99 ( some people want 2 make sure the enemy’s dead ) ;)

I read some where that in JA it's

g_saberrealisticcombat 9 or more

I have it bound (hot keyed) right now. I have also hot keyed

devmapall to my z key I start my map and off I go

As for the dismemberment it works some times and some time it just doesn't ?

hope this helps

09-20-2003, 04:31 AM
Ok. I've got it working, and if you want, I'll take a short movie showing it off.

My config has these settings in it:

g_dismember "3"
g_saberRealisticCombat "9"
g_SaberMoreRealistic "3"
g_DismemberProbabilities "0"
helpusobi "1"

I then started a game with:

Devmap Hoth2

When it loaded I had dismemberment. I was then able to load up an old SP game and it too had dismemberment. Upon closing the window and going back, I still have dismemberment.

From a few little tests it looks as if the g_DismemberProbabilities "0" is the key. Just using the standard config file (nothing added nor changed) I was able to slice off an arm, hand, or leg on every kill. Also it seems that your force offense may play a role as well. Going from the hoth2 level, in which I cheated heavily(give all, setforceall 3, god, etc.), to my saved game where I only have a saberoffense of 2, I noticed it took more hits to dismember. The results were still tiny bits of people, just it took 2 or 3 swings.

With all of the other settings, I'm able to force grip, then saber throw people into tiny bits, as it was in Jedi Outcast.

Hopefully this helps.

09-20-2003, 04:37 AM
Hey guys, I just found out you can type

load quick

In the console, so if the code is working and you type that you can do it with your saved game. Hope that helps a little...

Master Toddy
09-20-2003, 05:00 AM
Acutally, you can add those lins into the jaconfig file and it'll just load it up with it already enabled, so you don't have to type all that stuff every time you load the game.

09-20-2003, 05:09 AM
I wrote in the three lines stated in the first post in the JAconfig and then loaded the map I was currently on through the console.

Ok so the good news is that dismemberment worked 100% and even more I thought that battle scars looked more pronounced and appeared more often, at least that's how it seemed to me.

But the bad news is that obviously you only start the level with the saber and you are not allowed to allocate the force power before the mission.

So I abandoned the game and loaded it normally and the dismemberment was still there. Unfortunately when I shut it off completely and loaded the last mission I was on when I had dismemberment on it no longer worked and g_sabermorerealistic was again in 0. I haven't looked at my JAconfig file again but even though I had written the saber realistic line and saved it at 2 it is once again one and can't be changed through the console because of the protection.

This freaking copy protection is extremely enraging, I wish someone would manage to find a way to break it or get around it so I wouldn't have to be loading from the damn console everytime I restart the game or load a saved mission fresh.

09-20-2003, 06:30 AM
i got it to stay the way i put it u need to type those three lines in to the cfg file and then put it to a read only dont forget to save the cfg file

09-20-2003, 10:04 AM
See this thread for another method I discovered:

http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=111511 (near the bottom)

09-21-2003, 04:35 AM