View Full Version : Jedi Academy MP Bugs!

09-20-2003, 01:35 AM
I only played ffa and siege so thats what i got for now.

When u type /kill the character doesnt fall on the ground, he stays on the place.

Client 0 has a bug agian, i'm not sure how its done, but when someone dies and u shoot it client 0 gets hit. its not always working, but sometimes i see a guy shoots a body and someone dies(strange).

Lightning is to strong, one hit kill.

only one duel per time, it should be as in jk2 as many duels that u can.

Some moves are overpowered.

Thats all i found for FFa till now.

Seige(has the most probelms): First, some of the speeders doesnt have a floating animation all the time.

All the players get kicked from the servers, unknown error 219 ect

Before the end of the mission like two mins till the end, the server crashed and the map restarts.

Rancorn in the desert lvl doent always attack.

Thats all i found for now. i hope the devs read it and it can be fixed shortly.

09-20-2003, 01:38 AM
Johnny You must read the posts. There is a official place to put the bugs. Anyway you must read because I know you don't read the jat forum that well :P

09-20-2003, 02:14 AM
now u tell me, lol. ok recopy!