View Full Version : Ahhh I gotta have one!!!!

09-20-2003, 03:47 AM
I'm new to these forums, but not to modding. I tried to follow simple instruction on model/skin importing for JA but i keep getting the same error. Something about missing animation and something about the skeletal system of the model. I understand 3D rendering and animation, but i just dont have time to flesh out this idea. I (and many others) would kill for the chance to use the mutant rancor as an MP model, or even go so far as a mod that has every one running around as giant rancors smashing at eachother and eating smaller players/bots. Can/will/is anyone going to be working on this? If so let me know. I will try to help if i can, but i work 50+ hours a week so it might not be a whole lot. Im proficiant (with 2 years of school) with photoshop.