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09-20-2003, 07:28 AM
Here's what I discovered playing Jedi Academy (I'm currently half game) :

-The rancor is a ghost. True ! I saw his shoulder and right arm pass right through a long wall when he was chasing me.

-Your lightsaber needs some sharpening : when you throw it, it can kill enemies. When it's flying back, it can't anymore, it just damages them. Seems I gotta get better crystals.

-Those assassin droids have a built-in Ysalamiri inside them : you can't push/pull them !!!!

-The Hutt has a whole Rancor breeding facility : I killed the rancor, but as soon as I set free the second group of 4 guys to save, another one comes !!!

-T'wilek females have some issues with dimensions : the diameter of the saber hilt I chose is too big, so Jaden (Twilek female) has to put her index through it to hold it.

-Like Jeanne d'Arc, Jaden hears voices. I spent the whole hoth level with the voice of a stormtrooper saying again and again "anyone ? ... did you hear that ?"

-Luke enjoys jogging. In a mission debriefing, I could just see the top of his head oscillating, like if he was running.

Seriously... although I'm a SW geek and I love playing Jedi games fanatically, this one is filled with minor glitches that truly takes off the magic. The AI of non jedi is really poor, while jedi enemies can do incredible things (dodge absolutely anything you can shoot at them)... the coruscant level doesn't feel like coruscant at all... just a nicely lit up town. Once you mount the tauntaun, turning with the mouse becomes so slow that you just can't use it with enemies around. It's very easy to have part of yourself going through a wall...

It's too bad. It seemed to me JO didn't have so many issues.
Yet, the feeling of excitement to play a jedi is here... but lessened by all those annoying bugs/oddities...


09-20-2003, 08:33 AM
-The big fat guy with a concussion rifle has a magic magnetic field that prevents him from being force pushed/pulled off his ledge.

09-20-2003, 10:14 AM
Kyle Katarn, Jedi Master... doesn't know the concept of "transparency". He kept force-lighting or throwing the saber at two soldiers through a transparent floor :)