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09-20-2003, 09:04 AM
i havent got the game yet, so i ask a few questions

1) what vehicles can u drive

2) seige, what exactly is it

3) have activition (or whoever made it) added in emotes???


09-20-2003, 10:14 AM
In MP you can drive Swoop Bikes and AT-STs. You can also man blaster cannons.

In SP you can do the above, plus you can ride on Taun Tauns.

There are also many "hidden" vehicles people have found, like starships, Rancors, etc. You can spawn these into Multiplayer maps if cheats are enabled.

Theoretically mod makers will be able to design maps that have the hidden vehicles working in MP, so it should be exciting!

As for emotes, you can "taunt" anytime (there is a generic one the "come here" motion, and then a unique one each for the dual sabers and saberstaff). In Duel mode you can "gloat" (looks different for each saber type), meditate, and bow as well.

In Siege you can send radio voice commands (it's actually your base commander giving the orders to your team, but you get the idea).

I have heard people compare it to the game modes in other FPS shooters like Day of Defeat for Half Life and Assault for Unreal Tournament.

Siege is an objective & class based multiplayer mode (without proper bot support, sorry). Basically one team defends a base while the other attacks it. The attacking team tries to destroy stuff and shut down their defenses within a certain amount of time. The other team tries to hold them off for a certain amount of time. Once one team wins, they can trade off and see if they can beat the other team's best time.

Each class has certain abilities that make them helpful: Jedi can jump over pits and speed around, or use their saber to cut through barriers and block blaster shots or heal people; Techs can hack into equipment to open locked doors, activate regeneration stations more quickly (I think) and repair damaged equipment; Heavy Weapons are good for taking lots of damage and dishing out lots of it in return with, you guessed it.. heavy weapons! The Assault class can setup blaster cannons and are great for attacking; the Scout is a sniper and spy who can use a Jetpack or cloaking device for recon; and finally the demolitions is a bomb expert who specializes in setting traps and destroying enemy equipment. Anyone can hop into a vehicle or gun turret and use it (unless it's destroyed) too.

09-20-2003, 10:40 AM
ok u explained that really well, thx, just one more question, DO ALL THE CLASSES HAVE LIGHTSABERS OR JUST JEDI?

thx again