View Full Version : Stupid things since I can't be playing right now [spoilers]

09-20-2003, 05:27 PM
Is it just me or does Luke look like a drug addict? He's got puffy red rings around his eyes on the mission briefing screen. he looks alot like I do since I got the game...

Not realizing I was just supposed to leave, I fought the rancor when he showed up on the hostage rescue mission and after a long battle, killed dropped him. (cue the fat guy crying). Victorious, I turned around and another had respawned right behind me. All that running around and saberthrowing for nothing.

Vjun part two. After you and kyle split up at the beinging then meet up later after fighting 3 reborn. You can see the broken vent that Kyle came through. I jumped in there and saw someone trying to jump up the other end. I went and found it was kyle. Huh?? apparently there are two kyle bots on this level though one is eternally trapped just inches shy of making it up the ventalation shaft. If you turn on foce sense in the water room you can see him bouncing away. Sadly all he has to do is go back the way he came in and he could be set free form his bounce house prison.

Speaking of Kylebot. He's kinda worthless. All he's really done is steal my reborn kills. Otherwise he's usually just stuck on a corner talking trash while I have to take care of everybody. He's no Jedi Master, he's just a guy with a lightsaber who can jump high. :-)

Okay, does it seem to anyone else that the worm level was thrown together in an afternoon just to fill out the bottom teer?

Mind trick level 3 is fun on those huge stormtroopers at the begining of Vjun. Same with the rocketpack troopers.

Speaking of the huge stromtroopers (any one know there name?), they reminded me of this guy (http://www.nfb.ca/grizzly/suit.html).