View Full Version : Comments / suggestions on JKA MP

Master DarkStar
09-20-2003, 08:59 PM
Some areas of improvement in my opinion:

Jump, in JK2 jump was used to engage your enemy quickly (think crouching tiger hidden dragon). It seems JK2 gives the user better control of your movement mid flight, and you could build momentum by double jumping. I for one greatly miss these aspect of the JK2 jump dynamics.

roll lunge and staff kick to the face are far too powerful in my opinion. Yes, getting kicked in the face would hurt.. but instant death? naw..

foot control/movement, it seems to me that in JKA its more difficult to circle and/or fade in and out of striking distance.. I have not quite figured out what is causing this but side stepping may slower? There also seems to be a slight pause after making inital contact with ground (after jump or fall) which I feel further slows the game pace.

There is something funny with the blocking/hit detection. This is most noticeable when using singer saber in blue or yellow stance (although I have seen it in red too). JKA hit detection seems to get confused when doing swing combos, the first one normally hits but the second or third one often gets blocked or passes right through your enemy even when their saber is no where near where you strike. It is almost like JKA says "you just hit him once, so we dont want you hitting him again so soon". I would almost believe that theory if it was a bit more consistent.

Single Saber yellow feels imbalanced. In JK2 yellow was far to strong as a result of the yellow glitch, now its very hard to land a hit without it being blocked.