View Full Version : Adding SP missions to tiers and review (Spoilers)

09-21-2003, 02:20 AM
Well, I just finished JA SP, and thought I'd now be able to give a small review to the game.

Customization: this is very uselful and engaging, and will certainly become WAY more enjoyable once the modding gets into full flow.
I edited some of the skins even before I started playing because I didn't like the human male skin.

Story: I actually thought the story line was pretty good. The problem with it was that their aren't enough cinematics and cutscenes. The big dissapointment for me was that you don't get to fight with Luke, and you don't get to fight Marka Ragnos proper.

Levels: LOADS to go through, which on the out set seems good, but some missions are done SO quickly that it hardly seems worth it. In general the missions are WAY too simple. The maps are not very big as well. For me, I found myself missing puzzles. This game has about 4 puzzles in the whole thing, which is annoying. All you end up doing is running though each level chopping up Storm troopers, and as fun as that is, it does get boring. Suspense is another thing lacking in many missions.

Playability: It's all good here, mainly coz it is just like JO. Saber battles are fun, and guns do come in useful.

Overall, this game is not as good as Jedi Outcast. The levels in JO are much better designed, and balance action with puzzle solving, so you have to use your brain, just as much as your saber. With JA it's ALL saber. So in that sense JA is less intelligent than JO. The storyline was also better in JO. The tention was raised and raised in JO, until it reached an epic climax. With JA, you go off the storyline so often that it looses it's overall impact. The things that work in JA's favor are pretty simple. The customisation, the new force skills and the tier system. So while JO would get 95% from me, I will have to give JA 85%.

Which brings me to my last question. Would it be possible to add SP tier missions to the game? I would love to know if new created maps could be inserted into the selection screen, and give JA a much bigger scale. Speaking for myself, I would love to make my own levels and put them in the game, and play other peoples ones too.

Just a thought.......

09-21-2003, 11:22 AM
A co-op mode for multiplayer would have been nice.