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09-21-2003, 04:13 AM
I've been perusing the threads concerning Multi-player in the boards for JA, and I've gotta admit I'm concerned at the prospect of cheap gaming that overly caters to noobs. X-box live is the single most competative online league in North America right now, with over a million (and growing) registered users playing in broadband bliss all over the land. Word of mouth spreads very quickly in XBL communities over what games are worth playing for sheer fun and competition, and games that should be added to a coaster collection. This is how great games like Mechassault and RTCW get huge and rabid followings in XBL, and games like Whacked! and The Clone wars get recycled.

XBL is good for PC franchises too because players get introduced to a cool franchise like Unreal tournament for the PC, by playing Unreal Championship for the X-box. So even though JO was kind of a niche title for that X-box that was respected by the elite crowd for it's SP mode, since it didn't have any XBL capabilities, it got ignored by the masses. JA on the other hand WILL have XBL which is why it's so important for the MP to be perfect to build a permanent franchise for X-box players. Easy games that cater to noobs get no respect and get ignored, even if they start off as popular for a few weeks (Until the population playing them dwindles down to nothing). As a guy who likes Star Wars, and enjoyed JO I think it would be great if the Jedi Knight series got the kind of huge push on X-box that the Unreal series recieved. I think that Jedi Knight deserves to be utterly mainstream and reap the rewards of popularity and fame that a lot of truly great games shoot for and fail to get. That's why i'm concerned by what the elite PC players have to say about the game ( Saber does too little damage, drain can be used indefinately, Kata's are all worthless, caters too much to noobs with no chance to develope real skill). Seriously, if you PC guys hate it, so will the X-box Live community, and since we can't mod or download patches for it, then we won't have any reason to buy it. As the distance between PC and Platform gaming shortens, it's important for platform gamers to pay better attention to the complaints being voiced by the PC community, since you guys are typically the ones who get the good games first. If the great PC gaming companies are truly serious about bringing their franchises over to the mainstream, then they should first focus on meeting the needs of the PC communtity ( Who I've discovered for the most part are actually pretty all-right people) before they try porting under-developed crap on the heads of the Platform crowd.

09-21-2003, 05:33 AM
the sad truth is, in all the competitive players minds, ja is catered for those with very fat fingers and very slow reflexes and have muscular distrophy (not bashing those with disabliites, i'm just giving an inference).

i do hope that things can be changed for the xbox and pc versions so that the game does last.

as it stands if it is not hundreds if not thousands of pc players will not buy the game, based on what the ones that have it have said. and if what you say is true, hundreds if not thousands of xbox players will not, either. this i don't like because this game has a lot of potential, and jedi outcast is one of my favorite games for the change of pace and different combat system, not just another typical fps with guns. and i DO want this game to sell well, because more players means a longer lasting game.

09-21-2003, 09:25 PM
Do grass roots type campaigns work very well in requesting changes to a popular game? If enough people complain, do you think Lucasarts will do anything about it?