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[PMOH] Wolf-Man
09-21-2003, 01:58 PM
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For this mission, choose the Tenloss Disruptor and Thermal Detonators.

From your ship, head to the main complex. Open the door and turn right. You’ll see a grate with health behind it. Chop the grate open and you’ll find a secret area. You shouldn’t need health yet, but its there for your return trip. Go to the video console on the far wall, beside the door and watch it. Make sure you don’t skip through, its showing the locations of the bombs you need to defuse and gives you some idea of where the guards will be. It also gives you your objectives. When you approach the door, two stormtroopers will open it and try to rush you. Kill them and head into that room. Under the stairs is some health and the second secret area. Crouch/walk to get it.

At the top of the stairs, open the door and kill the two stormtroopers inside.

Head up the ramp and destroy the trip mines with a saber throw, or just shoot them. Be careful to stand far enough back to avoid getting hurt. Open the door and you’ll see your first objective. Disarm the bomb and head back inside.

Turn right before the door. In this section are two cloaked troops. Use Force Sight to see them. Beyond the door are two Stormtroopers. Open the door, and carefully avoid the flame jets by jumping and moving steadily. Take it slowly, because just beyond the door is a ground laser, and a cloaked guard. Take them out and you’ll see a locked door. Ignore it, you’ll have to find a key. Go straight instead.

Jump and duck the tripwires. When you get to the other side, turn and take them out with a blaster. You have to come back this way shortly.

The room after the tripwires holds two Stormtroopers and an Officer. The Officer has the key to the door you missed. Pick it up, but don’t go back yet. Head up the stairs and shoot the trip mines. Beyond the door is a pair of cloaked guards, though one is setting the bomb. Kill them and disarm it. While you’re here, use the Tenloss rifle and take out the two stormtroopers guarding the door on the other side of the ravine. If you’re fast enough, their shots won’t get anywhere near you before you take them down.

Head down the lift and to the ground. Edge to the side of the ravine and look left. You’ll see a blue column. At the top of the column, you’ll see a mounted E-Web cannon. Use the Tenloss to take it out. It should take about four shots on full power, but its better then facing it later.

Take the lift and go back inside. Just after the first door, where the tripwires were, are three Stormtroopers. They are waiting for you. Kill them and return to the locked door, for which you now have the key. The lock is to your right, facing the door. Press USE to open it.

Head across the bridge and go left. As you reach the corner, some n00b with a rocket will blow himself up. This doesn’t seem to serve any real purpose, so laugh at his misfortune and go on your way. Move cautiously around the wall, and you’ll see a Stormtrooper. This guy is wondering what happened to his E-Web, so show him by sniping him too. Again you’ll come to a locked door to your right. We need to find the key, so ignore it for now. Head to the E-Web.

Inside the building are two cloaked guards. Use Force Sense and kill them. Come back out the same door and head down, using the small lift beside the door. Go around the back of the building for some health and another secret area.

Go back up the lift, and head around the building to the green pipes. You’ll see another set of bombs in the distance. If you’ve been careful with your ammo, you should have enough left to snipe the guard. ¾ power is enough to kill him.

Head into the closer building and take out two Stormtroopers and a cloaked guard. There is some health and blaster ammo here, so restock if you need to. Head out the door at the other side, and turn left. You’ll see the remaining guard. Rush him and defuse the bomb. Be sure to pick up the Officer’s key. Go through the large tanks to the other side, and another secret area.

Now you have the key, return to the locked door and open it. Inside is one guard on the ground, and two up high, so use Force Sense to see where they are before you enter. Go right and down the stairs, where you’ll get some health and a pack of Thermal Detonators. We’ll need those shortly. Back up the stairs and take the lift to the top floor. Open the door and shoot the guard on the opposite side to you. If you stand in the doorway and don’t enter, he doesn’t shoot back for some time, so you can easily take him down.

Stand on the steel grate (not the lift) and use Force Sense again. Look down and you’ll see a guard standing next to one of the bomb objectives. Rain Thermal Detonators on them, and you should be able to take the guard out in one hit. There is also a ground cannon just beside the bombs, so blow that up too. If you time it right, it should only take one Thermal Detonator. Head down the lift and defuse the bomb.

Take the other lift, and use Force Sight into the next room. You’ll see a couple of Stormtroopers and a cloaked guard. Take them down and go defuse the last bomb. Now it gets harder.

Recharge your shields before you leave the room, because there are now four guys in the room you just came from. Kill them, and head back the way you came, down the lift, across, and up the other.

In the next room are two cloaked guards to your right, so be sure to use Force Sense. The next room has four Stormtroopers, two up high, and two more on the ground floor. If you have any Thermal Detonators left, now is the time. If you didn’t take it before, there’s a health back still down at the base of the stairs.

Head left and fight past two Stormtroopers, then two cloaked guards. If you’re fast enough, you might be able to Force Push them into the ravine. Go across the bridge. As you get half way, the door will open and a pair of Stormtroopers will begin firing at you. Use Force Speed to rush them. At the top of the ramp is another cloaked guard, so rush him too. Back through the flames and into the next room, where three Stormtroopers will be waiting for you.

The next two rooms will have lone Stormtroopers, but they should be easy kills at this point. Remember, if you left the health under the stairs, now might be a good time to get it.

As you open the door to the video room, you’ll be assailed by three Stormtroopers behind good cover. The centre one has a repeater, so take him out first. There is health in the first secret area, behind the grate you chopped up.

Almost home. Outside are four final Stormtroopers, two to the left and two to the right. Once they’re disposed of, return to your ship, and head home. Mission complete.

09-21-2003, 02:27 PM
That's a good walkthrough. Thanks very much for taking the time to post it. I'm sure a lot of people will appreciate it. And I deleted those erroneous threads for you. ;)

09-21-2003, 02:38 PM
i thing that the game have a bug. i have defuse all bombe, i only must get back to my ship, but...at the last(and first room) the one with the 3 doors(video room), and 1 secret area, the door from where i come inside at the begining DONT open, and i have killed all guard inside, but one the the bomb top "sitck" is not FULL open, but in my objective it seem all bomb is defuse

help pls

09-21-2003, 02:48 PM
Originally posted by Rigo
i thing that the game have a bug. i have defuse all bombe, i only must get back to my ship, but...at the last(and first room) the one with the 3 doors(video room), and 1 secret area, the door from where i come inside at the begining DONT open, and i have killed all guard inside, but one the the bomb top "sitck" is not FULL open, but in my objective it seem all bomb is defuse

help pls

Please post that in the Official 'Help with Bakura' thread. This thread is for the Walkthrough only. Thanks. :cool:

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09-23-2003, 01:42 PM
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do cloaked guards appears differently in the different difficulty levels? i'm playing in the Jedi mode and they aren't hard to miss. are they more invisible in the higher levels?