View Full Version : MP Server Bandwith

09-21-2003, 05:30 PM
I am having a little trouble with running a server. Besides the whole "sometimes it doesn't show up in everyones master list" thing, I seem to be a lot more limited with how many players I can have connected. The pings are 100% stable and fine all the way up to 6. Sometimes it is good up to 7-8. Most of the time, once that magic number 7 connects, everyone's pings (but mine of course) go up to 999. I used to run a lot more than that in JO, so I do not understand what the problem can be. It is not a gradual rise in ping times, it is immediate 999. This is up from 50-150 of the normal people on the server.

I run a DSL connection, with 348k up and 3.5 down. The server is on it's own dedicated computer, with static IP.

I have tried it on my usual server: p3-500 384 megs of ram, as well as my AMD Athalon 2100 with 512 megs of ram. Same problem.

Help please, :).