View Full Version : Does raven or lucasarts plan on bringing out more maps for siege ala EA with bf1942?

09-21-2003, 07:05 PM
I beat single player in 8 hours over 2 days on normal difficulty, and before JA came out I wasn't still playing JK2. I don't want to play JK2 but JA seems very similar except for the new game modes. I absolutely love the siege game mode but whos idea was it to only have 3 maps for the game mode?!?!

Unless we get some official maps(or maybe very good very popluar non offical maps) I for one will not play JA for more than 2 weeks because I don't feel like playing another JK2 but with new sabers and being able to be a wookiee jedi in multiplayer. That novelty is already wearing off.

I am hoping that there was an annoucment of like 5 maps being made and I just missed it.

If they made hoth why didn't they do deathstar detention center or battle of endor, or even something themed in episode 1 or 2?

09-21-2003, 07:55 PM
I hope they finish that star destroyer map. If you look into the asset1 or 0. THey talk of an X-wing pilot and tie fight pilot and a lvl with a star destroyer. hmm let me find it
//Siege class def file.
//NOTE: light version used for Star Destroyer map

name "Imperial Pilot"
maxhealth 25
maxarmor 0
startarmor 0
model "stormpilot" //this is optional, if it's here it forces the model to this.
skin "default" //this is optional, if it's here it forces the skin to this.
uishader "models/players/stormpilot/icon_default"
class_shader "gfx/mp/c_icon_infantry"


And now that i look at it, there are a lot of classes not used in siege mode.