View Full Version : How to play Sabers Only Siege with Selectable Charaters ala teamffa and ctf..?

09-22-2003, 12:36 AM
Hey just a post about the game was wondering if any one was feeling funny not having the option to play siege with selectable saber only jedi just like ctf or tffa.
If some knows how post it and bump this thread as it would be cool to also still have the classes but have the jedi able to select the force powers for the side your on.. Just a though any ideas?
also wondering if we can mod a sever side mod to enable kick like the saber staff has.. for all saber styles for the old jk feel have it able to knock down (and maybe -10 hp?). Considering the defence you have with rolls kick ups and back flips .. you can get up better it this one...Ideas?