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Matt Clarke
09-22-2003, 04:26 PM
Okay so not many people have this fault but I did and im pretty sure some other people have done aswell...the following is an email I received from Activision and since following this I have been able to continue with the game...

Thank you for contacting us. You have a very odd problem here. I think we will need to visit your PC and find out a little about it. Can you please first of all visit your C:\program files\lucasarts\jedi knight: jedi academy game folder and check your Saves folder. You could click the right mouse button on this and then left click on Properties. The file type should show at the bottom right and you should see a tick in "archive" and hopefully not in "read only". I would recommend making sure that "archive" is ticked and applied. We could then okay this and open the actual folder. If you have many saves in here, it would explain the problem because too many saves can confuse the game as to which files are in use and which ones are completed/not completed.

If you wish you can highlight and copy all saves but the most recent, cut them (go to edit, then cut) and then open a different folder in your PC e.g. My Documents, then either paste the saves directly in here, or to keep things tidy, create a new folder and call it e.g. Jedi Saves, open this and then paste the saves in here. This will mean that your saved games folder will only ever have one save in it and the PC should be less confused as to what is going on.

The game should work fine with a large number of saves however the saves can become corrupted sometimes and we would recommend making sure that any virus protection software is disabled before you try the game again. Please let us know how you get on. If the problem persists would you please let us know if you have any error messages when you see this problem?

09-22-2003, 06:43 PM
Thanks very much for sharing this with us. I'm sure a lot of people who have had a similar problem will try this out to see if it helps them.

I remember that Jedi Outcast had some problems with corrupted saves (I experienced a few of those). So it looks like whatever caused that issue has not entirely been fixed.

I have to say that while playing through Jedi Academy, I mostly used the 'Quick Save', and rarely resorted to making additional saved games, so my saved game list was not very long. I didn't experience the 'Completed Missions bug', so there may be some merit in Activision's advice.

Matt Clarke
09-22-2003, 08:36 PM
No worries if I find a soloution for a problem I might aswell share with the community...