View Full Version : JKA--Love it so far, and it runs fine on my old system!

09-22-2003, 05:13 PM
Hi, new poster, so please spare me your insults if I mess up on the etiquette. I got JKA last week on Thursday, and I've played it as much as I can since. I'm on the Vjun level so far.

Well, I gotta say that I love this game. I played Jedi Outcast too and loved that game, and I actually like this game a lot too. I'm seeing all the complaining on this board, but don't really understand it. Granted, I haven't played MP yet, and didn't really play JO MP that much either, as I wasted most of my 20's on Counter-Strike. However, what I have seen on SP game is just amazing.

The story is solid thus far, although, as is the gameplay. I also like the environmental touches like the rain falling on your lightsaber sizzling.

I think the best thing about this game that I like though is that it runs fine on my old system. I did not have to upgrade a single thing on it. Here's what I run:

Pentium II -- 600mHz
192 MB Ram (I know, odd number)
Windows XP
NVidia GeForce MX420 64MB
Audigy Gamer

I don't have a monster 3.2GHz machine or anything, and the game still runs smoothly. I haven't run into any problems at all in terms of performance. No lock-ups, no crashes, nothing.

I HAVE run into two bugs though. One major and the other minor.

The first one is the Bakura mission where the door leading back to your ship doesn't open. I'm convinced it's a bug. I noclipped through it to finish.

The second one was when one of your opponents in Vjun (won't say whom to avoid spoling) has a small clipping error when the fight starts. But that one is minor, as it's only for a couple of seconds and does not affect the action.

Anyway, I'm a very happy and impressed with the game and can't wait to continue when I get home from work.

Sam Fisher
09-22-2003, 05:41 PM
Nice to hear you like it :) And, as you mentioned it running on your old computer, same here, I have it on my old one too and it runs fine:D