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09-22-2003, 05:43 PM
I did some testing last night with another player on damage. I think I can say with a high degree of confidence that the single saber is WAY too weak.

Him: Double sabers
Me: Single, testing mainly with heavy stance

In just running around doing normal swings, here's what I noticed.

It usually took 3-4 perfectly delivered heavy swings (the REAL slow swings) to kill him. These are insanely hard moves to hit with against a dual saberist without getting hit yourself. You would think you should be rewarded with high damage. And they were HITS, not deflected swings.

He could kill me in one shot many times with light glancing swings. Zap, dead.

The single heavy saber is very uneffective at blocking double saber or staff attacks. Most go right through. This is when you are NOT attacking, backing away with your stationary saber facing him, he just knocks it aside and kills in one swing.

Contrary, the doubles and staff seem able to deflect a heavy swing easily, even when he is swinging in a attack.

I thought you were supposed to lose auto-blocking when you attack? It seems backwards. Stop swinging, stop blocking (with single anyway).

DFA, well, it's so weak. This should be a killer move if it connects cleanly. He does a double kata, I back off, wait till near the end, then DFA and my saber goes straight through him, head to toe. His damage suffered, about 70. Then he takes one quick swing of his doubles, ZAP, 100 damage I'm dead.

The yellow DFA is useless, I don't think I have ever hit anyone with the arial moves. You should be able to aim them like in JO I think.

Sam Fisher
09-22-2003, 05:50 PM
Yes, I found most of the single-saber specials very weak too, unfortunately, and they all take up almost all you force to go with it!

09-22-2003, 05:50 PM
I agree in part. Seems most staffers and dual users just swing madly, making it tough for a single to win. However it can be done (ive seen it). There are quite a few imbalances though.

1. Dual users and staff users only need one good lucky hit and your dead.

2. Dual has that spin across the room power which is very hard to block. I usually just walk away over nad over for 5 minutes as the staffer spams it over and over until I see an opening. Anytime I get close or try to take the offensive my saber is knocked out of the way and im killed. Seems that spinning a large staff shouldn't have so much power behind it (power not damage).

3. Medium and light stance have pretty much NO blocking ability. If I get hit with light out its gonna bash my saber away and il be killed.

Possible solutions:
1. Make single saber powers use half the force that dual sabers do. Simple logic is half as many sabers, half as much force.

2. Make light and medium stance block other sabers just as good as heavy does. The downside of light is low damage and short range. Having a crappy block as well just makes it useless.

3. Take away the light stance powers from dual users and the medium stance powers from staffers. Leave them with the style, just not the abilities that go with it (uppercut, etc). I.E. just like single paly.

4. Have a single saber have more "power" behind it. If im holding one saber with two hands I should be MUCH more likly to bash one or both of your single sabers out of your hand. Dual saber users should be dropping their sabers quite a bit. Staff wouldn't, obviously.

The main thing is making light and medium better at blocking. Holding one saber in two hands, regardless of a stance, should allow for much better blocking.

09-22-2003, 06:40 PM
I think the red stance block is pretty weak too. No more than half as effective as staff/duals.