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09-22-2003, 06:34 PM
Hello all,

Now, I haven't bought the game yet. Eventually, I will buy the game, my big question is: will I enjoy the game? (This question, although requires me try the game for myself, is to generate different opinions on JA, without the intention of flaming...)

Now for background:

Of course I am an avid JO fan, the single player was great with a decent story line. Saber combat was good in my opinion. Multiplayer, I always thought was not as good as I expected, the number of combinations of different attacks was reduced to massive DFAing in various hackem up ffa servers, which is fun in its own right. As for multiplayer, I do little of everything, often I am in either a ctf server or a duel server. Though, I am not part of any sort of clan. I guess you can say I'm part of an average fan base. Does that mean I'm a newbie?? :p
Also, I only play the original JO, with no patches...

From the demo, I'm impressed with the different katas and all that, but I found myself quite open for counter attack when doing them. Is this the same thing in mp?

Lots of eye candy from what I can see (which is very cool), but it all seems to be built on the same JK2 theme. What areas have become completely revamped?

Character customization - nice but for question. Do different male characters have different voices in the sp? Somehow I don't think a Keldor and a Rodian will sound the same... :p

Has the overall sabercombat in mp improved? I am seeing many disappointing things being said in this fourm that gives me an uneasy feeling towards mp saber combat. Is this the majority of thinkers?

Suggestions (without turning into a huge flame session) will be appreciated...

09-22-2003, 06:47 PM
Playing the demo is probably the best measure of whether or not you will like the SP game. The two levels included are fairly indicative of the 'tiered' missions - but I would have to say that the 'core' missions (not seen in the demo) are much better. The demo is feature complete, so what you can do in the demo, you can do in the full game.

I haven't tried MP other than a few bot matches, and found those to be fun so far. ;)

09-22-2003, 06:50 PM
If you really liked JK2:JO. Then get JK:JA. It's great. Sure, there are a few bugs, but. Version 1.0. It's to be expected. Give them time. Saber combat is pretty much the same as JK2, but more moves, different sabers. The added acrobatics make the game a lot more interesting (when people take advantage of these moves anyway). Makes it easier to get places, and easier to get away from people.
Anyway, all in all. Get it. You'll like it. A lot of people are trash talking the game, but. Form your own opinion about it.