View Full Version : Admin Help.

09-22-2003, 06:39 PM
So, you've started a JK:JA server and you want to admin it so you can boot lamers, and people who are just being rude. Common sense will tell you to use the /kick command. If you're not the server then you would use /rcon kick player. But, if the player has a space in his or her name. Example Fred Flintstone. /kick Fred Flintstone. Player Fred not on server. How do you get around this?

Use the status command, first. So, as rcon you would type /rcon status. This will list the players, displaying their Client number, Score, Name, IP, Port. Look down the list for the player you want, and get their Client number. Next step is clientkick. So, again, as rcon, /rcon clientkick x. Where x is place their number.

This will work until a good admin mod comes out for JA. Only problem is if you want to give someone admin powers, you'll have to give them just about full access to the server settings.

Anyone know any other tricks? Or have useful admin info? Post it.